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Other bikes

The pictures may include optional equipment.

  • F 850 GS
  • F 800 GS Adv.
  • S 1000 XR
  • R 1250 GS
  • R 1200 GS Adv.
  • G 310 GS

F 750 GS

Original BMW Motorrad accessories for F 750 GS

With its design, comfort, motorisation and safety features, the F 750 GS is ideally prepared for the challenges of city traffic. Furthermore, there are even more opportunities to adapt it to your needs.


HP sports silencer

• Slip-on silencer for throaty sound and sporty looks
• Silencer is all titanium (shell, connecting pipe and internals)
• End cap and heat shield made of carbon
• Weighs less than a production silencer
• Increased torque at low to midrange rpm, power at the level of the standard configuration


Vario case

• Black plastic case
• Case capacity can be adjusted by moving a bar
• Capacity: approx. 20-29 l (right), approx. 30-39 l (left)
• Innovative mechanism for attachment to the vehicle
• Optional: liners

Tank bag

• Tank bag with splash-proof cable hole
• Water-repellent outside pockets with zip fastener
• Integrated rain hood with map view
• All-round stabilising function bar allows attachment of a map pocket or additional luggage

Softbag for passenger seat

• Waterproof main compartment, approximately 2.5 litres, expandable to approximately 8 litres, inner bag with roll top
• Loops permit the attachment of additional luggage
• Zip fastener around three sides provides good accessibility
• Practical carry handle
• GS inscription on lid


Footrests Enduro

• Better grip and improved vehicle control when riding off-road and when standing up
• Tread material and shape prevent the foot from slipping
• Length of tread: 90 mm
• Precision-cast highly-alloyed stainless steel
• Unhindered operation of gearshift and footbrake levers (no change in height of the footrests)

Windscreen, large, clear

• Enhanced wind and weather protection for the rider
• Improved touring capability; even long motorway trips can be ridden in comfort
• Scratchproof coating for unimpaired long-term transparency
• Identical to the standard windscreen on the F 850 GS

Rallye motorcycle seat

• Increased seat firmness for off-road riding
• Lower seat width than standard seat
• Slim and narrow silhouette underscores the Enduro look
• Approved for 2 persons (reduced passenger comfort)
• Colour: Black/grey


BMW Motorrad Navigator VI

Enjoy the best rides of your life.

Let the new Navigator VI take you on some of the best rides of your life. The large 5 inch touchscreen will show you the way to unlimited riding enjoyment. The display features a circular polarization filter (CPOL) that minimizes reflections while improving the contrast and guarantees optimal readability even in direct sunlight. Experience new routes and destinations using the "Curvy Roads“ planning option, the "Avoid larger main roads“ feature, and the "Round trip“ function for round trips by time, distance or intermediate destination. To help you enjoy the best views along the way, the "Natural Guidance" prompts provide you with a precise description of the surrounding area. You set the soundtrack for your journey: with Bluetooth technology and the new "Music Streaming" feature you can listen to titles stored on your smartphone. Be the director and control compatible "Action Cams" directly from the navigator.
The optional "Smartphone Link" app will keep you up to date with real-time traffic information and weather predictions. The "4-Button Mount" facilitates a convenient operation of all relevant functions during the journey.
You'll also receive free lifelong updates to the preinstalled map data.

One more thing: with the optional car installation kit, the Navigator VI is also the ideal travel companion in your car.

BMW Motorrad Navigator V

Enjoy the best rides of your life.

The Navigator V with the large 5" TFT colour display is the perfect electronic scout for committed bikers. The BaseCamp software lets you plan your favourite routes down to the very last detail. Pick the quickest or the shortest route, or go with the "twisting roads" option if you prefer the most exciting. The smartphone link app option for traffic information in real time plus weather forecasts tells you exactly what you need to know right when you need it. TTS navigation announcements with detailed descriptions of your surroundings will keep you informed about everything around you on your chosen route. Bluetooth technology and the optional BMW Motorrad communication system transmit routing instructions straight to your helmet by wireless link, and you can use the handsfree function for phone calls. 

Map data come pre-installed, and you have lifelong free updates.

BMW Motorrad Smartphone Cradle

• Dust- and waterproof hardcase for smartphone with window and charging port
• Smartphone can be recharged either by micro-USB or by wireless link using the Qi standard²
• Cradle can be turned 90° for viewing in landscape or portrait format
• Suitable for displays up to 5", height up to 13.8 cm, width up to 7.3 cm, thickness up to 1.1 cm
• Fits the vehicle-specific brackets for the BMW Motorrad Navigator³

² Only for Qi-compatible smartphones (Qi is a standard for wireless energy transmission by electromagnetic induction over short distances)
³ Not included in the scope of supply


Plastic engine guard

• Optimum protection for the engine against flying stones in light off-road riding conditions.
• Tough plastic resistant to ultraviolet light.
• Weight: Approx. 0.5 kg.

Engine protection bar

• Sturdy, 2-part engine crash bars
• Strong stainless steel tubing, electropolished as protection against corrosion
• Weight: Approx. 1.8 kg

Hand protectors

• Protection for the rider's hands and the controls against wind and adverse weather, and a deflector for bushes, twigs and flying stones encountered when off-roading
• Tough plastic resistant to ultraviolet light
• Colour: black


Automatic chain-lubrication system

• Continuous lubrication of the drive chain
• Reduction of maintenance outlay and upkeep
• Extension of the service life of the chain

*The special equipment or optional accessories listed on this page are only an excerpt from the latest BMW Motorrad customization range. All special equipment, optional accessories and packages can be found in the BMW Motorrad configurator.