Racing red
Light white / Cordoba blue
Black storm metallic / Dark slate metallic matt / Achat grey

Other bikes

The pictures may include optional equipment.

  • F 750 GS
  • F 800 GS Adv.
  • F 850 GS
  • S 1000 XR
  • R 1250 GS
  • G 310 GS


Motorcycle accessories for R 1200 GS Adventure.

Cylinder-head cover guard made of special-steel

• Excellent protection for the cylinder-head cover, preventing scratches and damage caused by flying stones
• Plastic contact guard at outside, replaceable
• Large rubber buffer on inside
• BMW Motorrad logotype on contact guard
(As seen on the R1200RT)

Softbag for passenger seat

The waterproof softbag is secured to the passenger seat and provides 14 litres of storage space with an option to extend it to 18 litres ‒ just the right size for, e.g. the daily commute and day trips. It is also the perfect way of expanding the storage space provided by the tank bag.

• Hard-wearing polyester fabric with PVC coating
• Waterproof main compartment, approximately 14 l, extensible to approximately 18 litres, inner bag with roll top
• Zip fastener around three sides provides good accessibility
• Two outer pockets with zip fasteners on the side, water-repellent
• Water-repellent compartment inside the lid with zip fastener
• Bottom is moulded EVA, shaped for a snug fit and with an anti-slip PU surface layer
• Practical carry handle and adjustable, removable shoulder strap
• GS inscription on side bags, silver BMW Motorrad inscription embossed on the lid.
• Dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 27x28x18 cm (extends to 24 cm)
• Colour: Black

Aluminium luggage system

• Aluminium cases and topcase, robust and suitable for off-roading
• Capacity:
- Cases: Approx. 36 l (right), approx. 44 l (left)
- Topcase: Approx. 32 l
• Maximum payload: 10 kg (per case), 5 kg (topcase)
• Recommended top speed with case(s) or topcase installed: 180 km/h
• Looks match those of the motorcycle
• Supplied without case carrier and without lock barrels
• Optional:
- Liner for cases and topcase
- Backrest pad for topcase
- Carry handle for cases and topcase

Liner for aluminium cases and topcase

• Waterproof liner made of tarpaulin material
• Capacity matched to the aluminium cases and topcase
• Roll-and-seal closure with bayonet buckle
• Carry handles and removable shoulder strap
• 4 outside snap fasteners on sides for securing the liners to the cases or topcase with carry-handle set
• Large GS logotype
• Colour: Black/grey

Carry handle for aluminium cases and topcase

• Carry handle makes it easy to carry the aluminium case and topcase
• Can also be used to secure items of luggage, e.g. liners, to top of case/topcase
• Scope of supply: 1 handle, 4 straps, instructions
• The straps attach to the eyelets on the case or topcase

Luggage plate

• Luggage plate made of black painted plastic
• Installs instead of the rear seat
• Better weight distribution with items of luggage set closer to the vehicle's centre of gravity
• Together with the cases, creates a large area for attaching bulky items of luggage (note: luggage plate approx. 12 mm lower than the top of the case lids).
• Easy access to standard on-board toolkit under hinged plate (with large GS logotype)
• Not in combination with Rallye seat with luggage plate

Tank rucksack

• Highly functional tank rucksack
• Hard-wearing PVC-coated polyester fabric
• Bottom is moulded EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), shaped for a snug fit on the fuel tank and with an anti-slip PU surface layer
• Waterproof main compartment:
- Capacity: Approx.12 l, extendible to approx. 16 l
- Liner made of nylon fabric with PU coating
- Waterproof with roll-and-seal closure with bayonet buckle and taped seams
- Zipper is lockable (lock not included in the scope of supply)
• Highly water-repellent map pocket:
- Opens wide for access by two-way zipper (in main compartment)
- Anti-slip PU coating on inside
• Water-repellent zippered outside pocket with bottle-holder function
- A pullcord on the inside secures a 0.5 l PET bottle where it is quickly accessible on a short stop.
• Carry handle and removable shoulder strap
• GS logotype on side
• Colour: Black/grey
• Optional: Vario insert for tank rucksack provides a variable means of dividing the capacity of the main compartment

Vario insert

• Flexible division of the space available inside the tank rucksack:
- Flexible outer ring, width adjustable by Velcro-type fastener (LxH: approx. 100x13 cm)
- Flexible interior compartmentalisation consisting of 2 long and 2 short flexible wall inserts, each with a Velcro-type fastener at both ends. The wall inserts offer the opportunity to divide the interior flexibly into smaller compartments.
• Small zippered pocket attaches by Velcro, with BMW Motorrad logotype
• Suitable for BMW Motorrad tank rucksacks with overall capacity of 11 litres or more
• Material: flexible ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), with self-attaching polyester covering
• Colour: Grey

Other useful luggage solutions

• Softbag 2 large, 55 l
• Softbag 2 small, 31-36 l
• Stuffbag 2, 50 l

LED flashing turn indicators

• Attractive flashing turn indicators on stalks, with LED technology
• White turn indicator glass with 2 LEDs per turn indicator
• Enhanced safety on the road, provided by virtually zero-wear LED lights
• Considerable reduction in current drain:
- The flash frequency has to be changed when LED turn indicators are fitted. In BMW Motorrad's case this takes place via the CAN bus. All aftermarket LED flashing turn indicators require the installation of a resistor (which means there is no reduction in power consumption)
• Note: No approval for the USA market

Covers for grab-handle holes

• Black plastic covers
• Covers hiding holes for rear grab handles when grab handles not installed
• Visual enhancement and corrosion protection for tapped holes
• Scope of supply: 4 covers (front and rear, right and left), installation instructions
• Practical addition to the accessory luggage plate (part number 77 44 8 523 742) and Rallye seat with luggage plate (part number 77 34 8 523 744), if the standard rear grab handles are removed

HP sports silencer

• Slip-on silencer for throaty sound and sporty looks
• More torque at low to midrange rpm, power at the level of the standard configuration
• Hexagonal-asymmetric shape, exclusive design for BMW Motorrad.
• Material is all-titanium (shell, connecting pipe and internals)
• Carbon end cap and heat shield
• Weight saving compared to the series
• Logo with clearly visible HP inscription lasered on side face
• Approved for road use (EU General Operating Permit)¹
• Supplied complete with installation instructions

¹ Always comply with the conditions for approval applicable in the country of use.

Windscreen, tinted

• Windscreen of the R 1200 GS as smaller alternative to the standard windscreen
• Shape identical to standard windscreen
• Scratchproof coating for unimpaired long-term transparency
• General Operating Permit¹

¹ Always comply with the conditions for approval applicable in the country of use.

Windscreen, high, tinted

• Tinted windscreen for visual enhancement and customisation of the motorcycle
• Shape identical to standard windscreen of the R 1200 GS Adventure
• Scratchproof coating for unimpaired long-term transparency
• General Operating Permit¹

¹ Always comply with the conditions for approval applicable in the country of use.

Slipstream deflectors, tinted

• Tinted slipstream deflectors, left and right, for visual enhancement and customisation of the motorcycle
• In shape, identical to the standard slipstream deflectors of the R 1200 GS Adventure

Front footrests, adjustable

• High-quality CNC-milled footrests, anodised gold finish.
• 3 positions selectable for height of front footrest:
- Top position same as standard footrest, 2 other, lower positions selectable (10 mm difference between settings)
- Easy to adjust by screw
• Spring-mounted footplate:
- Comfortable spring shock absorption for seated riding
- When the rider stands on the footrests the extra weight presses the footplate down flush with the footrest. The serrated outside contour exposed in this way offers a better stance and therefore more control over the motorcycle.
• Replaceable plastic contact guard
• Width of the tread: 4.8 cm (standard R1200 GS: 3.0 cm; standard R1200 GS Adventure: 5.0 cm)
• Length of the tread: 10.5 cm (standard R1200 GS: 9.2 cm; standard R1200 GS Adventure: 10.4 cm)
• Lasered BMW Motorrad logotype
• Also available in black

Heated handlebar grips

• Replacements for the existing grips (multifunction switch for right handlebar fitting also has to be replaced).

Navigator VI

Enjoy the best rides of your life.

Let the new Navigator VI take you on some of the best rides of your life. The large 5 inch touchscreen will show you the way to unlimited riding enjoyment. The display features a circular polarization filter (CPOL) that minimizes reflections while improving the contrast and guarantees optimal readability even in direct sunlight. Experience new routes and destinations using the "Curvy Roads“ planning option, the "Avoid larger main roads“ feature, and the "Round trip“ function for round trips by time, distance or intermediate destination. To help you enjoy the best views along the way, the "Natural Guidance" prompts provide you with a precise description of the surrounding area. You set the soundtrack for your journey: with Bluetooth technology and the new "Music Streaming" feature you can listen to titles stored on your smartphone. Be the director and control compatible "Action Cams" directly from the navigator.
The optional "Smartphone Link" app will keep you up to date with real-time traffic information and weather predictions. The "4-Button Mount" facilitates a convenient operation of all relevant functions during the journey.
You'll also receive free lifelong updates to the preinstalled map data.

One more thing: with the optional car installation kit, the Navigator VI is also the ideal travel companion in your car.

Navigator V

Enjoy the best rides of your life.

The Navigator V with the large 5" TFT colour display is the perfect electronic scout for committed bikers. The BaseCamp software lets you plan your favourite routes down to the very last detail. Pick the quickest or the shortest route, or go with the "twisting roads" option if you prefer the most exciting. The smartphone link app option for traffic information in real time plus weather forecasts tells you exactly what you need to know right when you need it. TTS navigation announcements with detailed descriptions of your surroundings will keep you informed about everything around you on your chosen route. Bluetooth technology and the optional BMW Motorrad communication system transmit routing instructions straight to your helmet by wireless link, and you can use the handsfree function for phone calls.

Map data come pre-installed, and you have lifelong free updates.

Aluminium enduro engine guard

• Robust shield made of aluminium, 2 mm thick, anodised
• Bracket is made of special steel
• Protects the bottom of the engine against flying stones and contact with the ground or obstacles
• Considerably wider and longer than the standard engine guard
• Enhances the machine's off-road character
• Weight: Approx. 1.5 kg

Headlight guard

• Protects the headlight against flying stones when the motorcycle is used for off-roading.
• Snap-lock system for straightforward, speedy installation and removal
• For off-roading only

LED auxiliary headlights

• Powerful LED auxiliary headlight in die-cast aluminium housing
• Vehicle's visibility profile is better
• More safety on the road
• Modern LED technology:
- LEDs are so long-lasting as to be virtually wear-free, so operation is fault-free and maintenance-free as well
- White LEDs emit light of a colour very close to that of daylight for differentiated illumination of the road ahead
• Diameter approx. 70 mm, length approx. 110 mm
• Worldwide homologation, no technical inspection or approval required (CE/SAE mark of conformity)

Retrofitting optional extras

It is technically possible to retrofit the following optional extras.
• Daytime running light
• LED headlight
• Tyre pressure monitoring (RDC)
• Cruise-control system

Note: Automatic stability control (ASC) and riding modes are standard.

Anti-theft alarm

• Acoustic and visual signals as alarm in the event of change of position or vibration
• Locking the motorcycle activates the anti-theft alarm
- No remote control needed

Safety plug for oil filler neck

• Cap for oil filler neck, lockable with special cranked-tip tool
• Protection against theft of the cap and also to keep foreign substances from entering the oil system
• Aluminium, milled, surface anodised silver
• BMW Boxer logotype
• Supplied complete with special cranked-tip tool and O-ring

On-board toolkit service kit

• On-board toolkit service kit for simple maintenance work and upkeep
• Small, light and multifunctional:
- Quicker and easier to snap together and take apart, with snap adapter and ball lock
- Standard bit adapter and standard tool adapter (9x12 mm and 3/8") mean that other components can be added to the kit in accordance with individual preference.
• Tool quality and finish (surface, harness, etc.) are of course outstanding
• Including practical tools wallet in black artificial leather
• Scope of supply:
- Spark plug wrench, telescopic, w/f 14
- Allen key, w/f 19 3/8"
- Bit adapter 3/8" square - 1/4" hex
- Adapter, adjustable 3/8" - 9x12 mm
- Open-ended spanner, w/f 10 and 14 - 9x12 mm
- Ring spanner, w/f 17 - 9x12 mm
- Bits, cross-head PH1 and PH2 - 1/4" hex
- Bit, plain 6 mm - 1/4" hex
- Bits, Torx 25, 30, 40, 45 and 50 - 1/4" hex
- Socket wrench insert, w/f 13 - 3/8" square
- LED flashlight (without battery¹)
- Wallet for on-board toolkit service kit
- Operating instructions
• The adapter for the direct ignition coil must be ordered separately. The tools wallet has an empty slot to accommodate this optional tool.

¹ The device takes 4 button cells, 1.5 V, type LR-41.

Paddock Stand

• Fast and secure jacking of the rear wheel
• The rear paddock stand can be combined with the front paddock stand Sport to additionally jack the front wheel
• For repair and maintenance work as well as for the winter storage
• Safe and stable stand in all directions

Other useful accessories

• Extra socket
• Battery charger
• Repair kit for tubeless tyres
• Motorcycle cover
• Motorcycle cleaner
• Engine oil