Stereo metallic matt
Opt. 719 Black storm metallic / Aurum
Opt. 719 Black storm metallic / Light white

Other bikes

The pictures may include optional equipment.

  • R nineT
  • R nineT Pure
  • R nineT Racer
  • R nineT Urban G/S

R nine T Scrambler

Original BMW Motorrad Accessories

Making a bike unmistakably unique is the crowning glory of a rider's passion for motorcycles. For the R nineT, R nineT Scrambler, R nineT Racer and R nineT Pure, you can from now on look forward to Machined Parts in the genuine BMW Motorrad accessories design program for precisely this purpose.

Made from premium aluminium, these extraordinary separate components stand for a more premium design and even more "Customizing Spirit".

HP Parts.

High-performance – a statement for all those searching for the absolute maximum. High-quality parts made of carbon, titanium and aluminium make every motorcycle into a unique one. First-class components give your machine individuality and extravagance. And ensure the decisive hundredth.

HP sports silencer incl. mounting variations

High-end in perfection: with entirely titanium finish, carbon end cap and lasered HP logo. Turns every ride into a thrilling experience. Available in 2 positions.
• Slip-on silencer for powerful sound and weight reduction in exclusive design
• Silencer made completely from titanium (jacket, crossover pipe and interior)
• Carbon end-cap
• Either 2 positions: low (with/without pillion passenger frame) or high (without pillion passenger frame)
• Weight (rear silencer):1.8 kg
• Series-level torque and power
• Logo with clearly visible HP lettering lasered onto the side
• Optional: cover for main frame screw (with the pillion passenger frame removed)

HP Carbon cover for oil intake snorkel

• High-quality cover for oil intake snorkel made of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic
• Including aluminium plate with R nineT lettering imprinted
• Replaces the standard silver cover beneath the tank on the right hand side
• Carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic with UV-resistant high-gloss paint
• Can be optimally combined with HP Carbon cover for throttle valve supports

HP Carbon cover ignition steering lock

• High-quality cover for ignition steering lock made of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic
• Visually appealing alternative for standard, black cover made of plastic
• Carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic with UV-resistant high-gloss paint


Tank bag / tank bag leather edition

Practical and stylish in one – the water-tight tank bag made of canvas provides 11 l of storage capacity. Available in two material/colour variants.

• Waterproof main compartment, approx. 11 l
• Exterior pocket on top of the lid, water-resistant
• Transparent pocket, highly water-resistant,
• Small mesh pocket in the inside cover
• Optimal seating thanks to precisely adjusted floor panel
• Practical carry handle at the front
• Tank strap with anti-slip coating and cut-out for tank cover (can be ordered separately)

Rear softbag / leather edition rear softbag

Off on a journey – the waterproof canvas rear softbag with 40 l capacity provides lots of room for all your luggage. Available in two material/colour variants.

• Waterproof main compartment, approx. 40 l
• 2 side pockets, water-resistant
• Optimal seating thanks to floor panel precisely adjusted to pillion passenger seat
• Shoulder strap (removable, length-adjustable, padded) and carry handle
2 length-adjustable belts for adjusting the volume as well as the possibility of attaching additional luggage


Start-number carrier, alpine white

• Oval start-number carrier made of painted sheet steel (1 mm)
• Positioning right and left beneath the seat
• Classical design element for attaching a start number

Scrambler windscreen, alpine white

Stylish and functional: the windscreen in the design of a start-number carrier provides protection from the wind.

• Windscreen made of imbued plastic, scratchproof coating
Provides protection from the wind

Cylinder head covers 2V-Style

Unique appearance – the cylinder head covers in the retro design gives the boxer engine an entirely unique look.
• Visual highlight in retro design
• Visual upgrade and personal touch
• Clear differentiation to the standard cylinder head covers


Custom rider's seat

For even more individuality, the custom rider's seat is now available with indicated cross steps and partially Alcantara look.

• Exclusive design for optical upgrade and personalisation
• Attractive side-on view with continuous design line from the tank to the seat
• High-quality seat cover with moulding and indicated cross steps as well as partly Alcantara look
• Black with white double decorative stitching
• Embroidered nineT lettering in gold
• Seat height: 815 mm (series: 820 mm)
Step length: 1815 mm (standard: 1830 mm)

Pillion comfort seat

The comfort rider seat optimally suits the motorcycle's look, but provides increased seating comfort.

• Combines increased passenger comfort with exclusive design
• Wider and more heavily padded than the R nineT passenger seat
• High-quality seat cover made of artificial leather
• With retaining belt
• Attractive double decorative stitching in white
• Embroidered nineT lettering in gold, rear
• Look and material attuned to the rider's seat R nineT


Bracket for BMW Motorrad navigation systems

The functional bracket matches the appearance of the motorcycle and allows the BMW Motorrad navigation equipment and the smartphone cradle to be attached.

• Functional bracket
• Suitable for BMW Motorrad Navigator V (and older), Navigator Street and smartphone Cradle
• Secure attachment to the handlebar clamping block
• Perfect positioning in the rider's field of view

BMW Motorrad Navigator VI

Enjoy the best rides of your life.

Let the new BMW Motorrad Navigator VI take you on some of the best rides of your life. The large 5 inch touchscreen will show you the way to unlimited riding enjoyment. The display features a circular polarization filter (CPOL) that minimizes reflections while improving the contrast and guarantees optimal readability even in direct sunlight. Experience new routes and destinations using the "Curvy Roads“ planning option, the "Avoid larger main roads“ feature, and the "Round trip“ function for round trips by time, distance or intermediate destination. To help you enjoy the best views along the way, the "Natural Guidance" prompts provide you with a precise description of the surrounding area. You set the soundtrack for your journey: with Bluetooth technology and the new "Music Streaming" feature you can listen to titles stored on your smartphone. Be the director and control compatible "Action Cams" directly from the navigator.
The optional "Smartphone Link" app will keep you up to date with real-time traffic information and weather predictions. The "4-Button Mount" facilitates a convenient operation of all relevant functions during the journey.
You'll also receive free lifelong updates to the preinstalled map data.

One more thing: with the optional car installation kit, the BMW Motorrad Navigator VI is also the ideal travel companion in your car.

BMW Motorrad Navigator Street

Enjoy the best rides of your life.

The BMW Motorrad Navigator Street with the large 5" TFT colour display is the perfect electronic scout for committed bikers. The BaseCamp software lets you plan your favourite routes down to the very last detail. Pick the quickest or the shortest route, or go with the "twisting roads" option if you prefer the most exciting. The smartphone link app option for traffic information in real time plus weather forecasts tells you exactly what you need to know right when you need it. TTS navigation announcements with detailed descriptions of your surroundings will keep you informed about everything around you on your chosen route. Bluetooth technology and the optional BMW Motorrad communication system transmit routing instructions straight to your helmet by wireless link, and you can use the handsfree function for phone calls.

Map data come pre-installed, and you have lifelong free updates.


Protective grille for headlights

The protective grille for the headlights is the ideal supplement for when going off-road. Only permitted for off-road use (no vehicle type approval).
• Effective protective grille made of sheet steel, KTL-coated
• For off-road use only
• Protects the headlights against flying stones in off-road use
• Colour: black

Cylinder head cover guard in aluminium

The cylinder head protection made of anodized aluminium protects the cylinder head covers from damage and gives the motorcycle a visual upgrade.

• Comprehensive protection of the cylinder head covers made of anodized aluminium
• Optimal for off-road use
• Highlights design and line of the boxer engine
• BMW lettering extensively impressed

Aluminium bash plate

The robust aluminium bash plate provides effective protection against damage to the lower engine compartment.

• Robust protection made of aluminium, 2 mm strong, anodized
• Protects the lower engine compartment against flying stones and bumps
• Highlighted by the offroad character
• Bracket made of stainless steel
• Weight: approx. 1 kg

*The special equipment or optional accessories listed on this page are only an excerpt from the latest BMW Motorrad customization range.