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  • K 1300 S
  • S 1000 RR
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When extreme lightness, impressive power and first-class handling are combined, the result is known as HP - High Performance. The HP4 now interprets this philosophy for the first time in the form of a 4-cylinder model. Based on the RR, a purebred factory motorcycle has been developed - made of the very best materials, moulded into top-class design.

Pure power:

The lightest 4-cylinder engine (incl. ABS) in the segment is provides uncompromising forward thrust with an output of 142 kW (193 bhp) and a maximum torque of 112 Nm. The silencer provides a higher level of torque in the medium range, so there is power available when it is needed. After all, the rider wants to be sure of top lap times.

Pure intelligence:

Technologically speaking, the HP4 is more than a nose ahead of its time - as demonstrated by the fact that it boasts the world's first ever dynamic suspension system DDC. This automatically adapts damping to the situation at hand. Various modes are available to choose from: Rain and Sport for country roads, Race and Slick for the race track. The further developed DTC supplement this perfectly: it can be finely adjusted in Slick mode between -7 and +7. So it is always possible to find the perfect balance between support from the system and rider control. The result is crystal-clear feedback, maximum traction and optimum acceleration. ABS Pro ensures even greater precision and control on bends.

Pure exclusivity:

The HP4 comes fully into its own with its refined paint, virtually unsurpassed in power and brilliance. Due to the involved manufacturing process, only a few models can be made during the production period up to 2014. The HP4: uniquely exclusive - only available for a chosen few.