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Imperial blue metallic

Other bikes

The pictures may include optional equipment.

  • F 800 GT
  • R 1250 RT
  • K 1600 GT
  • K 1600 GTL
  • K 1600 GA

K 1600 B



Liner for case

- High-quality liner made of durable polyester-cotton fabric
- Perfectly matched to the standard case with 37 l volume
- Mounted outer bag made of real leather with magnet closure on both sides
- Additional zippered outer pocket for small items
- Long 2-way zipper for easy access to main compartment
- Practical mesh compartment in cover
- Bright inner lining for clear arrangement of items
- Solid bottom for good stability
- Shoulder strap with BMW Motorrad inscription

Stowage compartments

- Small storage compartments on the front side on the motorcycle
- Even more convenience
- With and without central locking system
- Also available as optional equipment


Windscreen, lightly tinted

- Visual enhancement and customisation
- Sporty look with good wind and weather protection
- Tinted finish underscores sporty appearance
- Lower than standard windscreen but with same width
- Scratchpoof coating
- General Operating Permit
- Not approved for all countries, note country-specific regulations.
- Installation only by authorised BMW Motorrad dealers

Impact protection for touring cases

- Protects the side and bottom side of the case against scratches and damage to the surfaces
- 2 strong plastic moulded impact protectors for each side
- Colour: black

Seat, low

- Easier for rider to put his/her feet on the ground, so motorcycle easier to balance when stopped
- Seat height : 750 mm (standard: 780 mm)
- Colour: black
- Also available as optional extra

Front footboard

- Footboards made of electropolished stainless steel, foldable
- Particularly comfortable "foot-forward" position
- Large contact area (290x160 mm)
- In part with anti-slip footboard rubber
- Optimal for relaxed long tours
- No restriction on lean angle for banking into turns
- Also available as optional equipment
- Optional: footboard for passenger

Footboard for passenger

- High-strength aluminium alloy footboards
- Large contact area (155x102 mm)
- Anti-slip rubber surface
- Optimal for relaxed long tours

Centre stand

- Sturdy centre stand with no-slip peg
- Practical for refuelling, checking oil level, and for maintenance work
- The motorcycle can be parked safely and with no space wasted
- No load on suspension elements and tyres
- No restriction on lean angle for banking into turns


Navigator V or VI

- Bluetooth-compatible GPS navigation device optimised for use on motorcycles
- Large and bright 5" display
- Available either with map data for Europe or North America¹, or without preinstalled map data
- Free lifelong map updates (only for the options with pre-installed map data)
- Fully integrated mounting in the instrument panel of the K 1600 B
- Protected against theft by the lowered windscreen when at a standstill
- Comfortable and safe operation using Multi-Controller on the left-hand side of the handlebars
- Navigation commands can either be given over the speakers of the (optional) audio system or via a helmet with the BMW Motorrad communication system


Engine protection bar

- 2-piece, sturdy engine protection bar made of electropolished stainless steel
- Classy, matt blasted surface
- Protects the engine housing against damage and minimises subsequent damage
- Weight: approx. 2.1 kg (both sides incl. mounted parts)
- Also available as optional equipment

Shift assistant Pro

- It permits upshifts and downshifts without actuating the clutch or closing the throttle in virtually all load and engine speed ranges
- Also available as optional equipment

Hill Start Control

- Hill Start Control to prevent uncontrolled roll back on gradients
- Enables the rider to hold the motorcycle effortlessly with the engine running on gradients
- Makes hill starts easier
- Particularly welcome feature for anyone who has ridden a big, heavily loaded touring machine
- Activation by pulling firmly on the handbrake lever
- Pulling the handbrake lever again deactivates the function, as does pulling away in first or second gear
- Also available as optional equipment

Alarm system (without central locking system)

- Alarm system without remote control
- Acoustic and visual signals as alarm in the event of change of position or vibration
- Locking the motorcycle activates the anti-theft alarm
- Also available as optional equipment (ex works) with central locking system

Brake disc lock with alarm system

- Brake disc lock for securing premium motorcycles
- Secure and small, with integrated alarm system
- SRA (Sécurité et Reparation Automobile) classified for the highest level of security
- 13-mm cotter pin, housing and bearing parts of the locking mechanism made of special hardened steel
- If the alarm system detects vibration or the smallest movements, an acoustic alarm is activated.
- Acoustic alarm of at least 100 dB for 15 seconds, then automatic reactivation
- Special lock barrel provides the highest degree of protection from manipulation
- External dimensions (lock): 115x67x42 mm


LED additional headlight

- Powerful LED auxiliary headlight in die-cast aluminium housing
- More safety on the road: better vision and better visibility
- LEDs are so long-lasting as to be virtually wear-free, so operation is fault-free and maintenance-free as well
- Diameter approx. 70 mm, length approx. 110 mm.
- Also available as optional equipment

Forged wheels

- Forged wheels made of high-tensile aluminium alloy, painted in Orbit Grey
- Impressive appearance thanks to 9 outward-tapered spokes with highly-polished, all-round milled finish
- Gives the motorcycle a soft, solid appearance
- Rim dimensions: 3.5x17 inches front, 6.0x17 inches rear

Chrome parts

- Chrome-plated wind deflector, chrome-plated mirror cap, chrome-plated slipstream deflector, chrome-plated case trim
- Stylish mounted parts with a high-quality chrome finish
- Visual individualisation and vehicle finishing

Ground lighting

- State-of-the-art LED technology for illuminating the ground underneath the motorcycle.
- In the dark it is much easier to find a place where the motorcycle will stand firmly when parked and it also makes it easier to operate the side stand or the centre stand.
- Better vision for mounting and dismounting.
- Switches on when the central locking or the ignition is actuated.
- Switches off automatically on pullaway, when the ignition key is removed from the lock, or after a preset ON time.

Other useful accessories

- Dual USB charger with cable for 12V power socket
- BMW Motorrad warning triangle
- First-aid kit, large or small
- Battery charger
- Multifunction tool
- LED torch
- Compact foot pump
- Motorcycle tyre breakdown assistance kit
- BMW Care Products
- Engine oil