K 1600 GTL

When luxury is freed of all ballast, it moves to a new level. At the very top of this evolution is the new K 1600 GTL – a high-class touring bike like none before it. With the most compact and efficient in-line 6-cylinder engine ever installed in a series production motorcycle.

The ergonomics of the K 1600 GTL is designed for long trips and leaves nothing to be desired for either rider or pillion passenger in terms of comfort. The slim design in the area of the rider's seat and the fact that the handlebars reach far back allows for a relaxed seating position - for hours on end and over hundreds of kilometres. The pillion passenger enjoys a sizeable seating area and a comfortable backrest.

There is also the adaptive turning light (optional extra) - a revolutionary feature which perfectly matches the visionary front section of the K 1600 GTL and ensures maximum active safety.

The right extras:
the Keyless Ride system provides greater convenience. This system means a mechanical key is no longer needed and you have your hands free in every situation. The traction assistant for hill climbs makes every slope a breeze.

The GTL makes luxury light-footed. This is because its unique chassis provides excellent handling. With a totally direct ride feel due to the ground-breaking Duolever front suspension. At the rear, it is the Paralever that puts the power of the engine onto the asphalt. The optional ESA II (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) ensures that the GTL always glides completely smoothly since the system allows damping and suspension to be adapted according to situation and preference at the press of a button.

Every detail is designed for maximum riding pleasure. A motorcycle for people who seek to experience supremacy.