You've got to have this!

Enjoying dynamics requires safety down to the last detail. And that is something that BMW Motorrad has been constantly reinventing for more than 20 years. The K 1300 S enjoys an excellent reputation when it comes to the fastest connection from A to B – and it fully deserves to:

High tech for everyday use

The K 1300 S is a unique interpretation of the speedbike theme. It represents a union of fascinating and innovative high-performance engineering combined with excellent all-round and everyday suitability, not to mention excellent safety.

175 hp and 140 Nm: power and understatement

Not that this jet was ever slow, but in comparison with its predecessor, its engine performance and torque specifications have been increased even more, something which, this being a genuine BMW, it bears discreetly. After all, it is a superior pioneer in its class.

The very latest streamline shape.

Maybe there is such a thing as perfect aerodynamics. And perfect design. The K 1300 S combines both of these with its own line, one which others will spend a long time searching for.

The seat of speed.

Like barely any other speedbike, the K 1300 S has managed to make the connection between the stable chassis characteristics of a supersport machine and ergonomic design for thousands of kilometres. Of course. It is a BMW.

Individual safety.

The diverse optional extras make the K 1300 S even more individual. In particular, the new ESA II, which allows the rider to configure his chassis settings on the move, once again underlines BMW Motorrad's innovative lead – and not only in terms of safety.