The best way to increased riding pleasure.

How would you like to have all your maps with you in future? How about never having any more problems with damp paper – and not needing any more space for maps in your luggage? With the BMW Motorrad navigation system you have a handy, reliable guide on board with lots of memory to get you to your destination safely and without stress.

BMW Motorrad literally sets the course when it comes to navigation: with state-of-the-art technology such as Bluetooth®, satellite-supported GPS navigation, lots of useful additional functions such as communication aids and deliberately simple user guidance – this is how navigation devices for motorcycles simply have to be nowadays! To ensure you find your destination reliably and precisely – on your own personal route to greater riding pleasure.

Do you enjoy experiencing sheer riding pleasure with a companion? If so, why not opt for BMW Motorrad solutions with full communication facilities. Everything is possible – whether talking to the pillion passenger or using a mobile phone: modern communication systems provide you with so many possibilities, and very simply, too.
What is more, you always have an uninterrupted view of the road and unlimited riding pleasure.