Can the BMW Motorrad Navigator V combined with the BMW Motorrad communication system?

Yes, the Navigator V has a built-in Bluetooth interface and can therefore be used with a BMW Motorrad communication system. This means that voice messages from a Navigator V can be transmitted wirelessly into a BMW Motorrad helmet. This does not interrupt the intercom connection between two BMW Motorrad helmets. The voice instructions are only transmitted into one helmet (the rider's). If a Bluetooth-enabled telephone is also available in addition to the Navigator V, this is connected directly to the Navigator V rather than to the helmet, and can be operated comfortably from the unit. In this way, incoming calls can be displayed on the Navigator V together with the callers' numbers and calls can be answered or rejected via the Navigator V. Outgoing calls are also possible, and the Navigator V can also be used as a keyboard for dialling the number for the telephone.

Is it possible to use Bluetooth communication systems from other manufacturers with the BMW Motorrad Navigator V?

Yes, this is fundamentally possible, but there is no guarantee that it will work perfectly at all times. For optimum functionality, the use of a BMW Motorrad communication system is recommended.

What must I do to connect the BMW Motorrad Navigator V with a BMW Motorrad communication system?

The procedure for pairing Bluetooth devices with a BMW Motorrad communication system and with a Navigator V is described individually in the respective manuals.

Can the BMW Motorrad Navigator V be connected to the rider's helmet via Bluetooth even when it is connected to the passenger helmet via the intercom system?

Yes, this is possible. However, the voice messages and music from the media player can only be heard in one helmet. If you wish to use the Navigator V in conjunction with two BMW Motorrad communication systems, it must first be paired with one helmet (the rider's); the second helmet is then paired with the first one as described in the user manual of the BMW Motorrad communication system. The intercom connection is also maintained during the voice messages from the Navigator V.

I have installed a BMW Motorrad communication system in my helmet but I cannot adjust the volume via the MMC controller.

To be able to adjust the volume of the BMW Motorrad communication system using the MMC controller, you need the latest software version v250 for the BMW Motorrad communication system. The software is available free of charge from your BMW Motorrad dealer.

Can I use the MMC volume control on an R 1200 GS with a Bluetooth helmet that is not made by BMW

No. The volume control of the MMC controller requires that the Bluetooth helmet permits remote control of the volume. The remote control function of the MMC controller is only supported by the BMW Motorrad communication system.

When I use the BMW Motorrad Navigator V with a helmet intercom system, a tone is transmitted every time I press a button or touch the screen. How can I stop this from happening?

If the Navigator V is used in conjunction with a BT communication system, you are advised to switch off the touch tone and touchscreen tone. To do this, go to the main page of the Navigator V, and press the item labelled 'Volume'. In the next screen, press the screwdriver symbol in the top-left corner and in the following screen remove the green check mark by pressing 'key tones'.