What devices can I connect to my Navigator V via Bluetooth?

You can connect your BMW Motorrad Navigator V to Bluetooth communication systems, mobile telephones, smartphones, and other Navigator V units.

Can I use the media player in the BMW Motorrad Navigator V without a Bluetooth headset, for instance, through a cable?

No, this is not possible. The BMW Motorrad Navigator V media player is only active when a A2DP-capable headset is connected via Bluetooth. If no Bluetooth headset is connected, the BMW Motorrad Navigator V only outputs voice messages for a BMW Motorrad audio platform via cable.

Can I hear the voice instructions from the BMW Motorrad Navigator V without using a Bluetooth communication system?

Yes, you can. Voice messages in the K 1600 GT / GTL and R 1200 RT motorcycles are reproduced in conjunction with the special audio platform accessory via the motorcycle's loudspeakers. If using a car kit for the BMW Motorrad Navigator V (part number 77 52 8 544 460), the voice instructions are outputted through the loudspeakers in the car mounting.

What data can be exchanged via Bluetooth between two BMW Motorrad Navigator V units?

Routes and favourites can be exchanged via Bluetooth. When exchanging routes, it is possible that slight variations in the routes may occur, if the same navigation map has not been installed on both devices. The route is always calculated on each device on the basis of the map data installed on it.

Does Bluetooth data transmission also work between Navigator V and Navigator IV or between Navigator V and Navigator Adventure?

No, Bluetooth data transmission between Navigator IV and Navigator V is not possible, since the Navigator V uses a new internal system for storing routes (so-called trips), which is not compatible with Navigator IV. Bluetooth data transmission to a Navigator Adventure is not possible because it does not support Bluetooth. The ANT standard is used for transferring data between two Navigator Adventure devices.