Can I hear the voice instructions from the BMW Motorrad Navigator V while I am making a telephone call?

If a telephone call is made via the Navigator V and a connected Bluetooth mobile telephone, the voice messages from the Navigator V are suppressed in favour of the telephone call. Turnoffs are indicated during a telephone call by a warning signal and are displayed on the screen of the Navigator V.

I can only connect my Navigator V to my mobile phone for a short time (approx. 10 seconds) before the connection is lost. An error message is then displayed in the Navigator V. Connections via Smartphone Link do not work properly. Why is this?

As the Navigator V does not have a built-in loudspeaker, this message is displayed when there is no output medium available for audio. A telephone connection is only permitted when a Bluetooth Headset or helmet or car kit (with activated power supply) has been connected. Of course, the SmartPhone Link via Bluetooth also works without a headset or car kit.

I have coupled my smartphone and a BMW Motorrad communication system with the BMW Motorrad Navigator V via Bluetooth. Can I listen to the music from my smartphone?

No, that is not possible. The BMW Motorrad Navigator V cannot transmit music via Bluetooth. Instead, please use the media player integrated in the BMW Motorrad Navigator V.