Is the Navigator V able to calculate routes with a large number of bends?

Yes, the Navigator V can calculate curvy routes.

How do I update the BMW Motorrad dealer database on my navigator?

The BMW Motorrad dealer database on your navigator is updated once a year. The latest version can be downloaded from the BMW Motorrad website. To install, simply copy the files to the navigator, Precise instructions are provided with the database.

It is possible to configure the icon on the map view of the navigator. Where can I obtain an icon for my BMW motorcycle?

Icons for current BMW Motorrad vehicles are available to download from the BMW Motorrad website. The models currently available are the R 1200 GS, K 1600 GT / GTL and R 1200 RT in a variety of colours.

TMC messages are available on the K 1600 GT / GTL. Are they also available on the R 1200 GS?

TMC messages on the K 1600 GT / GTL are received by the motorcycle's radio and sent to the Navigator V. TMC messages are not available on the R 1200 GS, as the motorcycle does not have a radio.

What do the small triangles on the various menus and dialogue boxes mean?

The small triangles indicate that this Navigator V function can be activated by pressing and holding the MMC controller to the right or left, depending on the direction of the triangle.

Is it possible to customise the startup page on the Navigator V?

No, this is not possible

Do I have to remove the BMW Motorrad Navigator when refuelling the motorcycle to protect it from fuel spray or vapours?

No, the casing of the screen and navigator is resistant to petrol. Simply wipe off any fuel splashes carefully with a clean cloth.

The compass function of the BMW Motorrad Navigator points in the wrong direction immediately after switching on. Once I set off, the direction is correct. Why is that?

The compass function of the navigator is based on an electronic compass and not a magnetic one. The electronic compass detects direction by determining the difference between two position measuring points. Until the navigator has moved, it is not able to determine the direction by calculating the positional difference between two locations. But once you have set off, it can deduce the direction by determining the difference between two points the vehicle moves through, and as a result, the direction can be precisely displayed.

Does the BMW Motorrad Navigator support dead reckoning?

The BMW Motorrad Navigator does not support dead reckoning. This function is used to enable navigation in situations in which there is no satellite reception (e.g. in tunnels), by analysing the tachometer signal and a so-called gyro (magnetic compass).