There is no printed user manual with my BMW Motorrad Navigator V. Where can I find it?

Connect your Navigator V to your computer using the USB cable supplied. You will find the user manual in PDF format in the OwnersManual directory. You can also find it in the Downloads area of this homepage.

The Navigator V is available in two different packages. What is the difference between them?

The Navigator V is available in two different product packages, which differ according to whether the Cradle mount is included. The version for the navigation preparation mount does not include the 4-button Cradle mount, since it is already fitted to the motorcycle ex works.

Is it possible to extend the memory in the BMW Motorrad Navigator V?

Yes. The unit is fitted with a microSD slot for cards of up to 64GB (SDXC card). This memory can be used both for additional cards and for storing MP3s. Please ensure that SD cards are FAT32 formatted. The exFAT format is not supported.

What is the maximum size of memory card that can be used with the BMW Motorrad Navigator V?

The unit is fitted with a microSD slot for cards of up to 64GB (SDXC card). This memory can be used both for additional cards and for storing MP3s. Please ensure that SD cards are FAT32 formatted. The exFAT format is not supported.

Can I purchase additional cards that are not included in the BMW Motorrad Navigator product package?

Yes, all cards available from Garmin or for use with Garmin equipment can also be used with the Navigator V. Additional cards can be obtained either from BMW Motorrad or from Garmin. An overview of available map material is available from Garmin at

I have found an error in the map data. How do I report the error and resolve it?

Errors in map data can be reported to Garmin through the Base Camp program for further processing. Connect the Navigator V to your computer, and run Base Camp. Right-click on the map just beneath the point labelled 'Report map error' to report the error.

Can I use my BMW Motorrad Navigator V away from my motorcycle, for example in my car?

If you also wish to use your Navigator V in your car, you will need a car kit, consisting of a cradle with integrated loudspeaker, a mounting for the windscreen, and a connecting cable; this is available as an BMW accessory, and has the part number 77 52 8 544 460.

I already have a car kit from my Navigator IV. Can I also use with my Navigator V?

Basically, you can. The Navigator V will fit in the mounting and the power supply will work. However, unlike the Navigator IV, the Navigator V does not have an integrated loudspeaker, and the car kit for the Navigator IV also has no loudspeaker, which means that you will not be able to hear any audio instructions. You will therefore need the correct car kit for the Navigator V, with an integrated loudspeaker.

Why do I have to agree with the licence conditions every time I switch on my Navigator V?

It is only necessary to agree with the licence conditions as long as the device has had no satellite reception and has not been moved. After your first ride with the Navigator, your agreement is no longer required. It is not enough for the Navigator to be able to receive a signal, it must also be moved.

I have transferred a number of routes to my Navigator V using Base Camp which I no longer need. Even though I have deleted the routes in the device, they keep on reappearing after a reset. How can I delete these routes once and for all?

When transferring routes with Base Camp, routes and favourites are permanently saved to the device. If you still wish to delete all routes and favourites irretrievably from your Navigator, first delete the routes and favourites in the respective menus of the unit itself. Then connect the unit to a computer and delete all the files in the subdirectory /GPX, in which the routes and favourites are stored.

What is a LIN bus?

The LIN bus (Local Interconnect Network) is the latest and most universal serial communication system in the vehicle. It is an open standard 'under' CAN and is employed where CAN bus technology is too complex. LIN enables simple communication for intelligent sensors and actuators, and does not require the bandwidth and flexibility of CAN.

What does TMC mean?

TMC is an abbreviation for Traffic Message Channel. The TMC consists of traffic information that is broadcast by many radio stations within their standard programming. TMC information is transmitted inaudibly in the radio signal and can be decoded using suitable receivers. The information can be used, for example, to avoid traffic jams and other hazards when performing an automatic route plan.

What does Text-to-Speech mean?

For Navigator V users, Text-to-speech first of all means that voice instructions containing turnoff information also include street names, to avoid confusion when turning off. This simplifies the navigation process, because now the driver is not simply directed to the left or right but also hears the name of the street that he should turn into or the direction in which he should be travelling. Previously, voice instructions were always prerecorded by a real voice. The instructions were then pieced together from the appropriate segments and played back. In order to prerecord street names, it would be necessary to digitise all the street names in the map, which would be feasible due to the sheer quantity of names. Text-to-Speech, on the other hand, reads actual texts and emulates the human voice. Text-to-Speech is not based on prerecorded voice fragments, but is able to reproduce individual letters, syllables and combinations thereof with the correct emphasis, and thus reads a text just how a human reader would do so.