Navigator V

Always up to date

The Navigator V does far more than just show you the way. It is your trusted travel companion that you can rely on. Waterproof, Bluetooth-enabled, and easy to use, it makes long-distance travel even more enjoyable. Now you have everything in your field of vision at all times, thanks to the brighter and larger 5" display with improved readability in sunlight. There is even an optional car installation kit available to turn your navigator into a multifunctional unit. And thanks to its integrated trend-setting trip technology, you can determine precisely which way you want to go. Plus the optional smartphone link means you can keep up to date with real-time traffic jam information and the latest weather reports.

Discover new routes

Motorcyclists have a will of their own. Which is why the route planner software, Base Camp, allows you to create your own routes, tailored down to the last detail. A trip can be divided into up to thirty different routes, while each of these sections is composed of up to 125 points, offering you virtually limitless possibilities for customisation. Or you can simply get on board and go. The curvy route' function offers you a different road to your destination, preferably the most scenic and winding connection between your two points.

Travel guide

"Turn left before the cathedral." Thanks to the advanced TTS navigation instructions formulated just like your passenger would say them, you can be sure you will never lose your bearings. The precise description of the surroundings is based on features such as traffic lights, road signs or even buildings. Moreover, you can now also search comfortably for destinations using your smartphone, and send them quickly and simply to your Navigator V.