A perfect seat for unlimited ride comfort.

Perfect seat properties, sufficient leg room for active riding pleasure and a pleasant knee angle: BMW Motorrad takes all these aspects into account when designing its seats. As a result, BMW Motorrad seats are somewhat narrower at the front and wider at the rear - functionality and design for increased comfort and dynamic performance when motorcycling.

The seat heights of virtually all BMW Motorrad models can be flexibly adapted:
• by infinitely variable adjustment of the spring strut and fork tubes by the rider.
• using a special suspension lowering kit ex works.*
• using a variable saddle holder in the case of individual seats. The height can be reduced by up to 30 mm relatively effortlessly without tools. Ride comfort is fully preserved without any additional cost. BMW Motorrad also offers seats of varying heights. These can be ordered ex works at no additional charge or retrofitted as a special accessory. This allows seat height to be varied by another 30 to 40 mm.
*only available for selected models.