BMW Motorrad Days 2012

Unforgettable nights!

When 35,000 motorcycle fans from all over the world get together to party, you can be sure you're in for some unforgettable nights. Not least because of our live bands, who get everyone dancing the night away in Garmisch!

As the party goes on, old friends get together, new friends meet, there's dancing, talking, lots of laughter - and the odd glass is emptied here and there, too. We can't wait!

As soon as full details of the evening program have been finalised you will be able to download it here.


- Warm-up party at the BMW Museum

You can into the mood on the Thursday before the BMW Motorrad Days with Gerry & Garry, Chris Peiffer Show and DJ. Food and drink are provided too, of course! Enjoy!


- Gerry & Garry
- Duo Stingray (open air/camp fire): a premiere - this fantastic duo will be performing at the BMW Motorrad Days for the first time!
- Zündstoff (US Lodge)


- Blechblos’n (Party Tent)
- Duo Stingray (open air/camp fire)
- Dreirad (US Lodge)