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And it's goodbye from us...

BMW Motorrad Days 2016 draws to a close

They came, they saw, and they partied in their thousands late into the night on Saturday, with lots of revellers still on the go as the sun rose above the majestic Alpine peaks. But for those who like to get up early, there was still plenty to see on this final day of BMW Motorrad Days 2016...

Sunday comes with its welcome traditions and these are always enjoyed at BMW Motorrad Days, especially the biker morning church service, and the Bavarian brunch accompanied with live music from the Metropolitan Jazz Band. It's always a gentle, relaxing start to the day after a long, loud night for many in the big party tent – which was especially noisy and jubilant this year after continued Euro 2016 success for the German football team, following a dramatic Saturday night penalty shootout.

After yesterday's downpours, the sun made a welcome return to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, rewarding those who stayed on for an extra day to cram in as many activities as possible. Guided tours, test-rides and off-road training were all busy, as were the shows taking place in a packed main arena. Special mention must go to Mattie Griffin for his brave performances in heavy rain yesterday, so to watch him – and the Ritzmann Motorsport drivers – do even crazier tricks and drifts in the dry today was well worth the visit!

Turning back the clock to the 'black and white' era is another special part of Sunday at BMW Motorrad Days because it's a chance to admire some beautiful vintage BMWs taking part in the Classic Parade. Featuring air-cooled boxers from across the decades, all lovingly restored but, more importantly, ridden by their owners in a rolling display of BMW Motorrad heritage. The parade reminds us not only how far the company has come since its first motorcycle was unveiled 93 years ago in 1923 but also how true it has remained to its origins.

From early afternoon onwards, the mass exodus of riders began and the rumble of BMW engines could be heard throughout the town on every road leading people home to Austria, Italy, France, Switzerland and beyond. With new friendships made, old ones renewed and a wonderful weekend had by all, we can only look forwards to BMW Motorrad Days 2017 from 7-9 July when the community will be together once again.

Watch this space for a full report from this year's event, with facts, figures, statements, film highlights and photos, coming soon...

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The Action Lifestyle Show

Stunts, a drifting BMW M2, dancers, music, pyrotechnics and more have led to some real action at the Event Arena. Mattie Griffin, the irish stuntriding-star, was also part of the line-up. He wowed the audience with his motorcycle freestyle.

Showtime for the Action Lifestyle Show!

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Chris Pfeiffer: 10 years in the spotlight

Chris Pfeiffer takes the philosophy "Make Life A Ride" as far as it can go. For ten years, the four-time stunt riding champion Chris Pfeiffer competed successfully on two wheels for BMW Motorrad. At the BMW Motorrad Days 2016 we say: Thank you, Chris Pfeiffer, for an incredible, action-packed time!

Watch the video here!

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Legendary boxer sprint

It is one of the absolute highlights at the BMW Motorrad Days and cannot be missed: the boxer sprint! Due to the weather the sprint had to be cut short. Anyway, the racing legends Karl Maier and Helmut Dähne put on a show race. The actors Hardy Krüger Jr. and Ronald Zerfeld did the same.

Watch the best boxer sprint battles here!

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BMW Motorrad honours Chris Pfeiffer

Special commemorative book presented to the professional stunt ace

For the past two decades, Chris Pfeiffer has been thrilling fans the world over with his amazing displays of freestyle riding on two wheels. Some would call him an entertainer; others would call him an innovator, but one thing is for certain – there will never be another stunt rider quite like him.

After almost 10 years as a BMW Motorrad-sponsored rider, Chris took the decision in late summer 2015 to hang up his riding kit and no longer perform the shows on his F 800 R roadster that have been the highlight of many festivals and exhibitions across the globe. It was a tough choice to make for the German athlete, but an entirely understandable one given the reasons behind it, as Chris confirmed.

“After 20 years as a professional rider I decided that it was time to stop performing my shows. In the past 20 years I’ve ridden at thousands of shows all around the world – in 94 countries on six continents! It's been an unforgettable experience with countless adventures and encounters over two decades, during which time I've worked hard to bring the sport of stunt riding out into the mainstream and to thrill, enthuse and entertain many spectators. What a wonderful time I’ve had!”

Chris has been ‘making life a ride’ with BMW Motorrad ever since he beat all challengers to win the famous Stuntwars competition in the USA in February 2006 on a modified F 800 S, but his story started a long time before that – on a lowered Sachs 100 in the garden of his parents at just five-years-old. By the age of 10 he got his first trials bike and – just five years later – became German Trials Champion in the junior division. He went on to successfully compete in the German and World Championships.

A lack of trials training opportunities for him at university in Munich turned his attention to ‘extreme’ riding (which could be practiced in any car park!) and before long, he was giving his first big performance at the Olympiahalle – the largest indoor venue in Munich. In 1996 he turned professional and has made a living from his dream ever since.

His natural talent, combined with a disciplined work ethic, endless hours of practice and considerable bravery has enabled the Bavarian to amass many riding accolades. Since joining forces with BMW Motorrad, Chris has added plenty of trophies to his cabinet, including Streetbike Freestyle World Champion (2007, 2008, 2009), European Stunt Riding Champion (2007 and 2008) and German Open Champion (2009 and 2010).

“I rode my last stunt riding contest in 2010 and not too long ago I performed at what was probably my last show,” says Chris. “But one thing's for sure, I will not quit riding – because riding is my life. That will never change.”

We are glad to hear this. There are good motorcycle riders and there are great ones too, but most of them are only experts in one area, such as road racing, enduro or motocross. Chris Pfeiffer, on the other hand, has a rare talent for being able to derive the maximum performance from just about any motorcycle he rides – on-road, off-road, trials, enduro, street, on snow, ice and even up the side of mountains! His rich history of success and providing entertainment at events across all these disciplines proves this.

As a ‘thank-you’ to Chris for his many years as the perfect brand ambassador, BMW Motorrad marketing and event colleagues have published a special book, dedicated to Chris, and detailing many of the stories, achievements and highlights of this successful partnership over the past decade. The book was presented to Chris in the main arena at BMW Motorrad Days on 2 July by Head of Sales and Marketing, Heiner Faust, as a special appreciation of his professionalism and dedication to bringing his sport into the mainstream. BMW Motorrad also handed over two of the modified F 800 R stunt bikes to Chris.

And while ‘the show must go on’, there’s no doubting the fact that Chris Pfeiffer will be an extremely hard act to follow, for all the riders that decide to take up the challenge.

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Rain doesn't stop play at BMW Motorrad Days day two

The Alps were alive with the sound of motorcycles today as BMW Motorrad fans took over the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen for the annual celebration of the BMW biking lifestyle. As usual, they arrived in their thousands, riding and flying in from across the globe for the motorcycling party of the year.

The real party animals had arrived one day earlier of course, and some of those emerging late from their tents this morning were proof that last night's welcome party had lived up to its legendary status. One of the happiest BMW fans around was Kerstin Kuster from Einbeck near Hannover, who is now the proud owner of a brand new S 1000 R after her pin number was drawn out of the hat in the bike lottery.

But arguably even happier this morning was GS rider Alexander Obermeier, a BMW Motorrad Days regular for 10 years who last night proposed to his girlfriend Gabi (they met exactly two years ago here at BMW Motorrad Days) in front of several thousand witnesses during the Welcome Party. Luckily for him, she accepted and we now await news of their wedding plans.

While the weather lasted – and everyone knew it would only last so long – people took their opportunity to ride, including Eva Håkansson, the owner, builder, and rider of the world record-holding electric streamliner motorcycle ‘KillaJoule’. The 'speedy Swede' opted for road-legal zero-emissions power this time and experienced the BMW C evolution e-scooter alongside other environmental 'activists' such as Green Me film festival founder Nic Nieman and actor/campaigner Hannes Jaenecke.

The arrival of the rain didn't deter a massive turnout for the Grand Motorcycle Parade, which packed the streets and echoed through the mountains when it left, en masse, on the traditional convoy. Those who stayed behind made their way to the neighbouring streets for one of the highlights of BMW Motorrad Days 2016 – the Boxer Sprint – where a one-eighth mile area was closed to traffic to allow some serious racing.

Crowds lined the course and ignored the inclement weather for a chance to see some of the coolest BMW boxers around going head-to-head for glory. The opening show races featured experienced professionals such as former flat-track champion Karl Maier taking on BMW road racing legend Helmut Dahne, and actors Hardy Kruger Jr and Ronald Zerfeld battling for supremacy. As hundreds watched trackside, thousands followed the action live on Facebook but in the end though, the heavy rain was the winner as the eliminator was postponed. Those with the skill to balance speed and traction will of course live to fight another day...

Someone who doesn't mind at all riding in the wet is Mattie Griffin, who performed stunts in the event arena and also in downtown Garmisch-Partenkirchen, demonstrating incredible machine control in the slippery conditions on the new G 310 R, as well as his usual F 800 R. Among those watching Mattie in action was none other than Chris Pfeiffer, who was later honoured for his decade in the spotlight with BMW Motorrad and presented with a special commemorative book by head of sales and marketing Heiner Faust.

Mattie's super riding skills were called upon again, as he was an integral part of the action lifestyle show that featured smoking bikes, a drifting BMW M2, dancers, music, pyrotechnics and more. It was the perfect appetiser for a packed programme of evening entertainment ahead. Suffice to say that we'll be capturing the action throughout the night and bringing you all the highlights soon after. Please check out all our social media channels for updates.

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A tribute to the BMW R 5

The R 5 is one of the most important and beautiful motorcycles of the BMW Motorrad history. On occasion of its 80th birthday, BMW Motorrad honors the legendary icon with the brand new „R5 homage“ – a true classic with a modern twist.

Watch the video to see the presentation of the bike at the BMW Motorrad Days 2016!

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The new BMW F 800 GS Adventure

At the BMW Motorrad Days 2016 Enduro fans have the opportunity to marvel at the new BMW F 800 GS Adventure. The two new stylish colors fall directly in the eye: Racing red with the frame colour light white and catalano grey with the frame colour black storm metallic.

Watch the video to see all the other highlights of the new BMW F 800 GS Adventure!

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Presentation of the new BMW G 310 R

The BMW Motorrad Days are the perfect place to showcase new models. This year, visitors can experience the new BMW G 310 R exclusively before launch. The agile powerhouse offers the perfect combination of dynamism and comfort – riding pleasure is guaranteed.

Watch this video for all important details about the new G 310 R!

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