How does a bike become a legend?

By establishing a new class.

Motorcycling was redefined in 1980: off-road (G - for the German word 'Gelände') and road (S for the German 'Strasse') were combined in the BMW Motorrad R 80 G/S. It was the start of a success story which fascinates countless riders all over the world to this day. The GS created a new class - and remains the leader of this class to the present day.

By riding millions of kilometres round the world.

Whether Dakar Rally, GS Trophy or the Panamericana – the GS has tackled the most legendary off-road adventures and demonstrated every kilometre of the way that it is unstoppable. Every kilometre on the GS is a selling point in favour of the GS.

By creating unforgettable moments.

The GS has left its mark - above all in the minds of its riders. Thousands of them have experienced adventures on the GS which they will never forget. Every metre in the saddle has made them a part of this legend.

By enabling thrilling experiences.

Just as legendary as the GS itself is the event to which it has given its name: the GS Trophy. After Tunisia and South Africa, the GS Trophy 2012 takes place in South America. Here again, riders will experience the greatest off-road adventure of a lifetime.

By being copied.

The success of the GS has attracted competitors with a desire to follow in the footsteps of the legend. BMW Motorrad faces up to this challenge, though never losing sight of its goal to continue to redefine the GS without forgetting its unique roots and traditions.