GS Trophy 2014

The fourth edition of the international BMW Motorrad GS Trophy for the first time took place in the northern hemisphere - with great success. Canada has been the spectacular setting with more teams and more riders than ever before.
16 teams from 18 nations competed in the Rocky Mountains. If you add the organization and logistics team to it, more than 120 people were involved in this motorbike event, for which more than 2300 kilometers were covered in the Canadian provinces Alberta and British Columbia.
In the end, the winner team was the team Middle and Eastern Europe, closely followed by South Africa and France. But all other participants felt as winners as well - if only because they had been part of it.

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GS Trophy 2012

South America has been the perfect location for the third international BMW Motorrad GS Trophy. 15 teams from 32 countries altogether met the challenge in Argentina and Chile and participated in the seven days Enduro challenge.
After 2000 kilometers of diversified routes and numerous special challenges, the team from Germany emerged as the winner of this unique competition. Followed by the teams from France and Italy.
However, at the GS Trophy everybody is a winner. All participants were happy to have been a part of the tour through Patagonia and to have experienced this adventure together - a fantastic adventure that exceeded all expectations.

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GS Trophy 2010

The second international BMW Motorrad GS Trophy took place in South Africa. A unique event to duly celebrate the 30th anniversary of the BMW GS. For South Africa is, without question, one of the best regions in the world for a ride with a BMW GS motorbike.
10 teams from 13 nations fought for the victory on an approximately 2000 kilometer long route across South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique. In doing so, the participants had to pass numerous special challenges. Among them exhausting river crossings, demanding rides through the jungle as well as long and deep mud passages.
In the end, the team UK emerged as the overall winner. The team South Africa was ranked second place and the team Nordic third place.

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GS Trophy 2008

The GS Trophy, which was held for the first time had been a huge success. After the demanding Enduro rallye lasting several days and several special challenges, the team USA claimed the overall victory at the first GS Trophy in the desert landscapes of Tunisia.
Even though there could only be one winner, all other teams can also be proud of their achievements and the fact that their participation in this premiere tour has made history.

GS Trophy Hall of Fame

With the GS Trophy Hall of Fame we have created a place where all GS adventurers from 2008 until today are presented. Just click through the profiles and learn everything about the experiences, motivations and goals of the riders.

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