BMW Motorrad Tour Tracker App

Touring, tracking, sharing

In time for the best time of the season, BMW Motorrad is giving its fantastic motorcycling community a special gift. The BMW Motorrad Tour Tracker App now let’s motorcycling fans share their favourite leisure activities with all of their friends – live.

The Tour Tracker App records your routes in detail via GPS. It couldn’t be easier. Simply download the app, start off, and your tour is already being recorded, stored in your profile, and shared with other users in the Community at You can also view an analysis of your tour to the kilometre exactly. Added photos and comments are provided with geocoordinates, and their locations marked along the route.

Sign on now to the BMW Motorrad Community, and you can start off right away. Upload your tours to the Community, or publish your route on Facebook. The tours you travel you can share with and even post directly to your friends live. Your friends on Facebook can then follow and comment on the route as it unfolds.

As a special extra, the BMW Motorrad Tour Tracker automatically warns you of any additional roaming fees abroad and tracks in offline –mode for a later upload.

The BMW Motorrad Tour Tracker App is available in English and German for
iPhone and also for Android. Just choose your national Store.