26 hectares of all-out riding enjoyment

If an enduro bike could decide for itself, it would make its way straight to Hechlingen. It is not without reason that this park is considered the top location for off-road riders. And once you know what it’s like to cross terrain with steep precipices, water crossings, rocks and gravel, sand and mud, there isn’t much more that can get in your way.

Beginners learn all the basic skills that it is important to know for enduro riding, and our highly qualified instructors ensure that all newcomers are able to keep up; participants can ride one of our latest hire bikes or they may use their own bike if they so wish. Even professionals are frequently amazed at what they can learn from this off-road course. And afterwards, whenever you are in everyday traffic, you will stand to benefit from having trained under extreme conditions.

One thing is for sure: a day spent with friends at the Hechlingen Enduro Park is an experience that you will never forget.