Safety training

More riding practice means more riding confidence. By taking part in confidence training, you will learn how to properly handle your motorcycle and remain completely self-assured even in unexpected road situations. In small groups with instructors who have undergone special BMW Motorrad training, this is training with a high degree of practical orientation and, of course, with plenty of enjoyment with the ultimate riding machine, whichever one of our partners you choose.

Safety for every motorcyclist.

In day-to-day motorcycling, safety is the basis for carefree riding pleasure. This is why each of our partners' programs has a requirement profile. It will help you correctly assess your skill level when choosing the appropriate safety training program.


For beginners, re-starters and occasional riders who wish to improve their safe handling of the motorcycle.


For riders who already have secure mastery of their motorcycle and wish to be in supreme control when sudden, unexpected problems occur.


For skilled riders who wish to have safe control over their motorcycle even at threshold level and on extreme manoeuvres.

Please note that the profiles are only intended as guidelines for your selection. For further details of the exact requirements, simply get in touch with the relevant program provider. They will be glad to help.