published at 23.10.2017, 09:51

Cruising gourmet.

Professional chef Wolfgang Weigler is a bon vivant, both on the motorcycle and in the kitchen, ideally both at the same time. On a pleasure tour with the BMW Bagger – including the art of cooking from the pannier.... [more ...]

published at 19.10.2017, 10:58

London Calling.

Something like this only happens if you really have petrol in your blood and an insatiable appetite for tarmac: 24 mix-and-match petrolheads saw the 1/8 mile at the atmospheric Glemseck 101 merely as a warm-up round for a trip to the United Kingdom. From the province they headed straight on to London. The destination of this journey comprising over 1,222 kilometres: the legendary Ace Cafe –... [more ...]

published at 17.10.2017, 12:13

Che bella moto!

Pasta, pizza, Parmesan – and that's not even the half of it. Especially for 290 enthusiastic enduro adventurists. They're taking part in the Transitalia Marathon, which was launched in 2015 by former racer Mirco Urbinati. The Transitalia Marathon is not a competition. Rather, it's a big, communal adventure – the ideal event for heavyweight enduros. In other words, the perfect terrain for the GS... [more ...]

published at 27.09.2017, 15:50

Retro Racer.

Was the fascination with motorcycling ever greater than in the seventies? When boys barely eighteen years old stormed retailers and amateurs shined in international races. This spirit of the age is now being brought back to life. Retro Racing at the Auerberg Klassik.... [more ...]

published at 18.09.2017, 15:03

Electro sound.

What does the BMW C evolution look like on the inside? Krautmotors owner Rolf Reick wants to find out. So he takes apart the electric maxi scooter and turns it into the E-LisaBad dragster. The custom shop owner plans to drag-race his creation. It might not make much noise, but it will definitely cause a stir.... [more ...]