published at 04.11.2011, 12:29
Rider equipment

Saddle up and hit the road!

Whatever your choice of BMW Motorcycle, there’s no reason why you can’t do some serious distances on it. While models like the R 1200 RT or K 1600 GTL luxury tourers are purpose-built for riding hundreds of kilometres a day, every BMW bike in the current line-up has been ergonomically designed to cover any distance in comfort. Furthermore, there is a massive choice of luggage options so that you can carry whatever you need for your journey, from a work bag for the office commute, to a sleeping bag – and even camping gear – for a weekend away with friends at World Superbikes.

While dedicated touring machines come equipped with waterproof System panniers, these can be further enhanced with small or large top-boxes, designed to swallow almost 50 litres of luggage and cosset a passenger in comfort with their built-in backrest pads. Add a small or large tankbag to the front and you won’t have to leave any of your creature comforts at home when you travel.

Riders of travel enduro machines such as the R 1200 GS Adventure or the new G 650 GS Sertao have similar, but different needs. While they want lots of stowage space, they also need their ‘boxes’ to be extra robust and multi-functional. Built with adventure travel in mind, the two aluminium panniers, for example, for the GS Adventure swallow up to 82 litres of gear, but are quickly detachable so they can be used as a camping seat or even a table. With stainless steel lashing eyelets, extra items (such as a tent, sleeping mat or waterproof functional bags) can easily be attached to the detachable lids.

Put a luggage grid and pannier mountings on bikes like the R 1200 R and choose from a range of ‘softbags’ or go for the hard options of system panniers and topbox. Add a touring screen and you’re ready to go the distance in comfort on your vacation. Of course all these items can easily be removed when you don’t need them, so your naked roadster continues to turn heads on those shorter journeys.

Although they generally like to travel light and avoid any excess baggage, even S 1000 RR owners need to carry things sometimes. What’s important of course is that the luggage stays securely in place when travelling at high speeds, and this is exactly what the special tankbag and rear bag for the RR are designed to do. Furthermore, the tankbag has an aluminium mounting rail that can be used to mount a camera for those on-board shots, and the expandable rear bag can swallow up to 29 litres of gear – more than enough for a weekend away at the races.

With so many machines in the current BMW Motorrad line-up, rest assured that there is a luggage solution to suit all, from hard to soft cases, as well as luggage rolls, hip bags, rucksacks and much more. For comprehensive information on all the latest luggage options in the BMW Motorrad Rider Equipment range, the best place to stop by is your local BMW Motorrad dealer. To search online for the options to suit your motorcycle, please click here.