published at 02.12.2011, 11:31
Rider equipment

Join the Club and stay cool

Motorcycles and fashion have always been interlinked, right from the earliest days when pin-up boys in leather and denim demonstrated a love for speed, a desire to be different and a non-conformist attitude to dressing.

Scooters capture the imagination somewhat differently, especially the new Maxi-Scooters from BMW Motorrad. With their clean, angular lines and cutting-edge stylish looks, they make a strong design statement that has a mass appeal across the sexes.

Captured in a recent fashion shoot by photographer Markus Hofmann, the new C 600 Sport looks too precious to keep on the street, preferring instead to remain on display in the home or office as an object of desire and a talking point among friends and associates.

Clearly though, the message is “don’t’ just look at it – ride it!” so it’s no wonder that a wide range of clothing and accessories have been designed to complement the exciting and imminent arrivals in the Urban Mobility segment – the C 600 Sport and C 650 GT from BMW Motorrad.

Among many of the items expected to appeal to ‘Scooteristi’ everywhere are the Club leather jacket and AirFlow 2 helmet featured in this fashion shoot. Leather has timeless appeal and looks just as good off the bike as on it. As relevant for Maxi-Scooter riders as motorcyclists – especially when a machine like the C 600 Sport has a similar top speed to many large-capacity bikes – its protective qualities are second to none. The Club leather jacket is cut for a close, figure-hugging fit (a classic-cut men’s version is also available) and has been constructed of the softest cowhide leather. It is extremely comfortable and yet comes with very light, removable SC foam protectors at the shoulders and elbows, as well as provision for an NP ProAir back protector if required.

The leather is of course wear-resistant and tear-resistant, so completely suitable for riding – however short your journey. Subtle branding on the left sleeve, zipper pull-tab and jacket hem hint at the jacket’s origin, while bright stripes on the sleeves and a high collar emphasize its fashionable looks.

Complementing the Club leather jacket is the new AirFlow 2 helmet. With its unique and highly-effective ventilation system, this premium jet helmet will help keep riders cool – even in the heat of the urban jungle.

With this radically new safety helmet, BMW Motorrad designers have focussed on the optimisation of ventilation and air circulation to even higher levels than before. There are large air-vent openings, ideally positioned and shaped to catch the slipstream, with two-position sliders that enable a rider to open and close them at will. The two large ventilation zones are closable with sliders and are completely waterproof when shut.

Multiple air channels in the helmet’s inner shell helps distribute the ventilating air more effectively around the rider’s head, while the ‘air-in’ and ‘air-out’ apertures are positioned so as to create a considerable pressure differential, which makes the flow of air though the helmet much more efficient. With very good aerodynamics and low weight, the AirFlow 2 helmet slips through the air just as easily as the C 600 Sport.

A retractable and scratchproof curved visor can be raised or lowered depending on the conditions, and high-quality, BMW-branded aluminium highlighters at each side complete the AirFlow 2’s strikingly urban and modern look. Available in a choice of five colours, the AirFlow 2 helmet was designed very much with an eye to BMW Maxi-Scooter aerodynamics and so harmonises perfectly with the new premium scooters coming to the market in 2012.

For photographer Markus Hofmann, this was a rare opportunity to mix and match fashionable and functional rider wear from BMW Motorrad with its exciting new C 600 Sport Maxi-Scooter.

“Having photographed the Concept C scooter several times over the past 12 months, I have to admit that I was apprehensive as to what the series production versions might look like, but I needn’t have worried, as the C 600 Sport featured here is every bit as much as a ‘head-turner’ as the Concept C ever was. Choosing clothing and equipment items to accompany the ‘Sport’ was easy too, as the Club leather jacket has a retro, timeless appeal to it, helped by its understated design and quality materials, as well as suiting model Giannina perfectly. As for the AirFlow 2 helmet, it is undoubtedly cool to look at, but thanks to some clever, functional design, it will help keep its wearer cool in the heat of the traffic, ensuring they arrive at their destination in good shape.”

To find out more about the new Maxi-Scooters as well as the latest range of Rider Equipment, simply visit the website. Keep a look out for a new collection of ‘Urban’ clothing and accessories from BMW Motorrad, including jackets, trousers, gloves, sneakers and much more, available early next year from your local dealer.