published at 26.06.2012, 08:30
Rider equipment

Perfect sporting packages for everyone

With your interest in WSBK, we thought we’d take the opportunity to tell you a little bit about our rider clothing that has been designed for, and is dedicated to sporting riders.

For those whose focus is on track days and searching out fast roads on which to enjoy their sports bike, the DoubleR one-piece suit in combination with DoubleR gloves and Sport helmet is a must. The DoubleR suit is designed for racing and track day addicts, but it is also of course perfectly suitable for highway use.

Made from highly-abrasion resistant 1mm-thick stretch Kangaroo leather with TFL Cool Technology, the DoubleR suit also contains top-quality NP protectors in the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and back areas, a back hump, knee sliders and wind-blocking inside vest. It even comes in a BMW Motorrad Motorsport design.

A good choice to accompany the DoubleR suit is the Security EVO G3 racing boot, which is nothing short of a revelation. Its inner shoe shell offers maximum stability and protection against impacts, while the outer shoe is crafted from top-quality kangaroo leather. Designed for competition use and easy to repair, the G3 gets you ready for the track.

Sporty riders who like the occasional track excursion but do most of their riding on the roads should consider the Sport 2 suit. This professional sport suit – also in BMW Motorrad Motorsport design – is constructed from 1.2mm-thick nappa cowhide, supplemented with kangaroo leather on the seat area. Also incorporating TFL Cool Technology on its black areas, this two-piece suit is cut to fit you best while in a riding posture on your bike and comes with all the protection and built-in comfort you need. This suit can be complemented with DoubleR boots and gloves – or indeed any rider equipment items that take your fancy.

For road riders that like to do the distance, the ‘Start’ suit is certainly sporting in design, but never sacrifices comfort – even on long days in the saddle. Equipped with features from the sports segment, such as permanently sewn-in joint protectors and retrofittable knee-sliders, it also offers additional comfort features like numerous leather stretch inserts and perforated leather for increased airflow. Furthermore, this suit is also available in a separate cut and additional colour choice especially for women.

To complement the Start suit, we recommend ProSport gloves and SportDry boots, as well as the lightweight, aerodynamically advanced Sport helmet.

All of the above items of rider equipment are packed with innovation, comfort and safety features that are too numerous to mention, so why not find out much, much more about the current Ride Collection by looking in the Equipment Section of the BMW Motorrad website.