published at 12.05.2012, 10:31

The return of the legendary GS Trophy – the great enduro adventure

After making its debut in Tunisia in 2008 and then journeying to South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique in 2010, the BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy returns later this year at a new location in South America.

On this great enduro adventure, teams of off-road enthusiasts from many countries will compete against BMW riders from all over the world in a series of off-road competitions and challenges, much like the famed Camel Trophy competition that defined the spirit of adventure in the 1980s and 1990s.

There, friendships will be made, riding, navigation and teamwork skills will be tested to the limits and all competitors will discover – through blood, sweat and tears – that this legendary and unforgettable adventure is united by ownership and enjoyment of the best all-round, go-anywhere motorcycles in the world – the BMW GS range.

For this third International GS Trophy, around 40 places are available to riders from numerous nations. The only catch is that they have to undergo a team selection process in their own country in order to determine their suitability in terms of riding ability, fitness, life-skills and team spirit. So far, countries comprising teams from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Canada, USA, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Latin America, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece are planning to enter this special challenge that is about so much more than just winning the competition.

The best three men or women from each national qualifier will be selected to represent their country at the GS Trophy finals in South America. Naturally, the chance to be chosen to travel to this amazing continent for nine days of being completely immersed in the GS lifestyle has proved an irresistible draw for many riders of BMW Motorrad’s iconic enduro bikes.

The first national qualifier event of 2012 kicks off over the weekend of 28-30 April in France, where around 100 die-hard GS owners will compete to win a place to represent their country at the International GS Trophy from 24 November to 2 December. This competition takes place as part of the inaugural BMW GS Days 2012 event in Provence– a four day biker meeting party consisting of GS-themed activities and exhibitions, off-road riding demonstrations and tuition, travel presentations by GS adventurers, and much more.

Visitors to GS Days will be able to watch the national GS Trophy qualifying competition unfold as approximately 100 riders will battle on the Sunday and Monday in a variety of timed trials, including navigation, agility tests, team exercises and even Motoball, culminating in a grand final for the 10 best-placed competitors – only three of which will be selected to go to South America.

Understandably, media interest in the International GS Trophy is growing all the time, especially among motorcycle journalists keen to secure a ‘press’ place to cover this exciting event. At the French GS Days, eight journalists will also be competing in their own ‘mini’ competition to secure the one media spot available per team in South America.

For more information on the forthcoming event, visit the website, with video highlights from the 2011 GS Trophy France qualifier event found here. For general details on the 2012 BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy, please visit