published at 18.05.2012, 12:10

Brad Pitt and the Nuda 900 R

When you’re one of the most photographed people in the world, it can be almost impossible to go anywhere in public, unless you ride a motorcycle of course. This is why many A-list celebrities, including Brad Pitt, enjoy the anonymity that comes from putting on a safety helmet, starting the engine and riding off undetected into the distance.

Motorcycle enthusiast Pitt is a long-time fan of the BMW brand and a skilled rider, having successfully completed off-road training on a legendary GS boxer-twin at the Hechlingen Enduro Park in Germany. However, the latest bike to capture the attention of the revered Hollywood actor and film producer is the Nuda 900 R – a brand new machine in an entirely new generation of street motorcycles from Husqvarna.

Featuring a BMW-developed, Husqvarna-tuned 900cc engine in an exposed trellis frame, the sporty Nuda is equipped with top-grade, race-bred components and proudly displays Husqvarna’s distinctive red and white competition colours. Universally acclaimed by motoring journalists on its recent launch in Sardinia, Pitt was one of the lucky few who had a chance to ride the Nuda 900R before it went on sale to the public.