published at 16.07.2012, 18:20

New functions for the BMW Motorrad Community

The BMW Motorrad Community was set up about a year ago with the aim of providing riders of all brands with a unique platform on which to share and practice their passion for motorcycling. The result: thousands of enthusiasts have signed on to the Community to date and countless tours have been posted. ... [more ...]

published at 08.06.2012, 17:36

Ride on Antarctica

For many adventure travellers, riding on all the continents is a goal to strive for. Some are lucky enough to manage five, others are able to impress by reaching six, but hardly anyone has ever ridden on all seven. Now, thanks to legendary endurance rider Ron Ayres and his premium motorcycle touring company Ayres Adventures, you could ride a BMW bike on the ‘white continent’ for the first time –... [more ...]

published at 04.06.2012, 13:36

Michael Martin’s desert adventure continues

Michael Martin has become an icon for motorcycle adventurers everywhere – and his latest travel quest has taken him further into planet earth’s extremes than ever before. His Planet Desert project, which will see him travel to every desert in the world, has seen him cross continents and investigate little-visited corners of the globe. Much of the journey has been completed on a BMW motorcycle,... [more ...]

published at 25.05.2012, 12:42

Touratech Travel Event attracts adventure riders from far and wide

Adventure bike riders love nothing better than getting together to sit around a campfire and talk about the trips they have completed or the journeys they still dream of making. Add to the equation a picturesque setting in the Welsh mountains, test rides and off-road riding opportunities, and it’s clear to see why the Touratech Travel Event is always a resounding success.... [more ...]

published at 18.05.2012, 12:29

Plan, go, explore, tour

Part of the fun of motorcycle touring comes with actually planning the journey itself. Where do you want to go? With whom? For how long? As fast as possible or taking the scenic route? Hotels or camping? All of these questions and many more are answered as part of the preparation that is essential to an enjoyable touring holiday on two wheels.... [more ...]