published at 12.05.2015, 16:59

Reaching out to new audiences with the BMW R nineT

A selection of BMW R nineTs have been taken out of motorcycle dealerships and custom garages in Brazil and placed in the heart of a famous shopping mall in São Paulo. A month of clever product placement has exposed some prime examples of the stylish customisable roadster to a whole new affluent and fashion-conscious audience who may otherwise never have ventured inside a bike showroom and seen the brand’s Make Life a Ride philosophy at first hand…

The Cidade Jardim mall in São Paulo is a high-end luxury retail experience designed by renowned architect Arthur Casas and located in one of the wealthiest areas of the city. The area is home to many renowned international brands, restaurants and hotels, and with the luxury goods market in Brazil growing at over 30% annually – and the city of São Paulo responsible for more than 70% of this amount – this made it the perfect location to showcase the motorcycling lifestyle and BMW Motorrad’s 9T to a new audience.

Situated in the heart of the luxury retail complex in this stylish and fashion-orientated city, the 9T motorcycles have been seen by thousands of shoppers as they pass along the busy avenues of this mall. According to Rafael Nogueira, from BMW Motorrad Brazil Marketing, this was the perfect opportunity to take the 9T and the brand into a completely new area, away from the traditional motorcycle marketplace and into the high fashion end of consumer retail.

“We wanted to make the stand look like a custom garage and to also reflect the new Make Life a Ride brand philosophy of BMW Motorrad, so the focus was on showing the many possibilities to personalise these bikes to suit your taste and lifestyle,” he said. “For this reason, we showed a standard R nineT alongside two custom motorcycles built by Ricardo Medrano, the owner of Johnnie Wash, currently considered the most respected customisation garage in the country. These exciting machines highlighted the possibilities that bespoke customisation offers, so we had lots of interest from visitors to this famous shopping mall and many great comments throughout the month of product placement.”

The 9T is the epitome of cool design, pure engineering and an enviable lifestyle, and this is not the first time that the unique custom roadster has been used in the retail fashion arena. Last year, Australian fashion house Aquila realised the potential of the 9T and chose it as the perfect motorcycle to create the atmospheric ambiance in their 2014 autumn fashion campaign.