published at 24.07.2015, 17:43

Japanese 9T specials at the Selvedge Run

Ever since the four Japanese R nineT specials first broke cover in August 2014, the custom quartet has received universal acclaim online, graced the pages of many magazines and featured at motorcycling festivals across Europe, including EICMA, Wheels and Waves and BMW Motorrad Days. And no sooner had the annual BMW lifestyle show finished in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the famous four were on the road again, this time to Berlin and the Selvedge Run.

Taking place from 8-10 July as part of the Berlin Fashion Week, the Selvedge Run is an independent trade show conceived to provide a platform for brands that are driven by a passion for craft, material or a specific, often heritage-based style – and whose owners and founders refuse to relinquish control over their products. This collection of passionate individuals represents a move away from the modern throwaway culture in consumption, and instead their focus is on a ‘pure and crafted’ quality in their products that often incorporates strong regional roots and durability, with product-driven communication the way forward, rather than mass marketing. These qualities made for a logical and credible association between the Selvedge Run and BMW Motorrad, according to show organiser Andreas Becker.

“It was obvious that BMW Motorrad was a perfect fit for the Selvedge Run. These bikes have been made in Berlin for many decades, are driven by quality engineering, and are loved the world over for their legendary resilience. Furthermore, there are many, many bikes that have been enjoyed by their owners – and have grown old with them. There are thousands of 30, 40 and 50-year-old boxers still out there too, and this is exactly what the world’s best producers of denim pants, horsehide leather jackets, and hand-made wallets want to achieve as well: their product becoming lifelong company for the owner.

“The four Japanese R nineT´s became the visual focal point of the show, and people were stunned at these brilliant examples of artisanal craftsmanship of the highest levels, with an understanding of design and flow that is just overwhelming. Add to that the fact that BMW Motorrad is fast becoming an icon in the booming customizing world of today, and this is yet another reason why the Selvedge Run was happy to have them as part of the show at the ‘Reinbeckhallen’ in Berlin.”

During the show, the four Japanese 9Ts were presented to the visitors, and BMW Motorrad shared a booth with several other brands, including Blaumann Jeans, WM AC and Dehen 1920. Also in the Reinbeckhallen, the 9Ts were included in a photo-shooting for Men’s File magazine alongside some of the other brands that participated in the Selvedge Run. The shoot features in a six-page special in Men’s File #12. According to Nick Clements, editor in chief of Men’s File and an established fashion photographer, the custom 9Ts were an important part of this heritage-style menswear trade show in Berlin.

"Men's File and its Japanese partner magazine Clutch were recently involved with the Selvedge Run, which showcased special custom versions of the 9T designed and manufactured by four key bike builders from Japan who have influenced motorcycle aesthetics across the globe. To use a well-worn cliché, the world is getting smaller and Japan is not just exporting the fruits of its post war industrial miracle but is now sharing some of the nation's previously hidden cultural life. Heritage style is a more accessible iteration of the underground revival subcultures that have thrived in Britain, the USA and Japan since the late 1970s and the four R nineT custom machines displayed at the Selvedge Run are heavily influenced by the same cultural drivers as the subcultural fashions and styles that often run in parallel with the custom bike scene. BMW seems to be the first corporate entity in the motorcycle industry to understand this connection".

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