published at 25.08.2015, 12:51

Get on board for the Pure&Crafted Festival

The Pure&Crafted Festival presented by BMW Motorrad will be kicking off on the 28th and 29th of August in Berlin. In an exclusive interview, we speak to Michael Trammer from BMW Motorrad Marketing, who invites all fans of motorcycles, music, culture and heritage to make their way to the German capital at the end of this month to “rock the Postbahnhof at the Ostbahnhof”.

You must be delighted that this event is finally taking shape and fast approaching?

Yes, BMW Motorrad is delighted to present the Pure&Crafted Festival because we wanted to bring together what belongs together: our love for motorcycles with the passion for music. Both are very emotional things which are moving not only our bodies but also our souls. We’ve been looking for a possibility to not only be a sponsor of an existing music festival, but to also contribute our own ideas and concept approaches to a new kind of festival which was not yet existing. Therefore we are very glad that concert organizer “Gemeinsame Sache” will realize the very first Pure&Crafted Festival in Berlin and we can be a part of it.

Tell us a bit more about the venue and location?

Absolutely! The Postbahnhof in Berlin Friedrichshain is just a perfect place for the Pure&Crafted Festival. I also loved the original location which was at Ferropolis near Leipzig. But due to the fact that Ferropolis is a quite impressive but also very huge area you would need at least 8,000 or more visitors to generate a proper festival feeling there. We came to a point when we recognized that for a niche product like the Pure&Crafted Festival we might not be able to attract so many people for the first ever event, so we decided to move to the Postbahnhof right in the middle of Berlin. Of course we therefore had to give up camping and bonfires which is sad, but on the other hand for us it is very important that guests are comfortable with a location that has the right size and that gives a great experience. We are very sure that the Postbahnhof will be offering all the possibilities for an outstanding premiere.

You must be pleased with the fantastic line-up of bands that are playing?

I am extremely happy with the festival line-up. From my point of view it’s a perfect mixture of many various musical styles which have one thing in common: the passion for straight, hand-crafted music. That’s what the Pure&Crafted Festival is all about. Of course the Hives are always a highlight! I saw them live at Air + Style 2007 in Munich for the first time. Since that time The Hives, especially front man Pelle Almqvist have lost absolutely nothing of their energetic stage presence. We are very proud that they will be performing one of only two German shows this year at the Pure&Crafted Festival. But all the other bands are well worth a visit, too. For example ex blackmail front man Aydo Abay with his new band ABAY, Allah-Las from LA or the Mighty Oaks with their wonderful ballad “brother”.

What is the balance between music, motorcycles and ‘lifestyle’ at the festival?

Compared to other music festivals our priority is to offer a complete event experience over the two days. Music, motorcycles and New Heritage are the topics of the Pure&Crafted Festival. For the music we will have two stages: one big open air stage and one smaller, indoor club stage. Furthermore there will be some extra spots with DJs and bands that play ‘unplugged’ music. You will definitely get a lot of rock’n’roll for your money, that’s for sure. But music will not be the only entertainment. We also will have a big motorcycle area where you can see the latest masterpieces from the world’s most famous custom garages.
BMW Motorrad will have a big show truck presenting the bikes of the Japanese R nine T custom project, as well as the Concept Path 22 bike and many others. You also will be able to experience a virtual ride on a BMW R nine T by using ‘eye ride’ glasses. The BMW Motorrad plant in Berlin will also be represented by a team of young women and men who will be offering hand drawings and air brush art e.g. for your motorcycle tank or any other part.
The third pillar of the festival is fashion and arts. In the ancient hall of the Postbahnhof, various brands with a strong affinity with craft will be presenting their range of products. These brands are closely linked to a lifestyle that we call the new heritage culture. We will have brands like Red Wing Shoes, Nudie Jeans, Emma Opitz and Blaumann to name but a few. There also will be a barber shop, a gin bar and a photo gallery by Jo Fischer.

There’s definitely a lot going on, that’s for sure. What other highlights can visitors expect to see there?

Besides the custom garages, exhibition tents and fashion brands another highlight will be the ‘Original Motodrom’ which is the oldest wall of death in the world that is still travelling to shows. You will be fascinated of the atmosphere there as well as the breathtaking motorcycle shows! During the weekend we will also have a lot of ‘specials’, like a raffle by Bell helmets and Movember where you can win one of 10 helmets designed by well-known artists. Furthermore, you can buy an event pin and get the chance to win a unique motorcycle. Together with the pin comes a ticket which offers you the chance to win a BMW R nine T customized by Urban Motor Berlin especially for the Pure&Crafted Festival. This festival bike will be finished on location and the drawing of the lucky winner will be on the Saturday between the gigs of Refused and The Hives. Don’t miss that chance…

Are you expecting people to ride in and stay for the whole weekend? What are the options?

If you come by bike you will be able to park right in front of the entrance. There will be enough places for bikes. We also will offer some limited parking spaces inside the festival, and you can apply for an entry authorisation by sending a photo of your bike (see for details). There are many hostels and hotels nearby which really are not expensive, and the nearest campsite is about 20km away. Due to the fact that the event area is next to Berlin eastern railway station it is very easy to get there by public transport, too.

Do people have to buy tickets in advance or can they turn up ‘on the day’?

Tickets are available right now at or you can buy them on location. There are festival tickets for EUR 49,00 and the organisers are also offering day tickets for EUR 22,00 for the Friday and EUR 35,00 for the Saturday. My suggestion though would be to bring four friends with you and get a ‘five for four’ bundle for EUR 196,00 only.

Friday’s line-up:
Friska Viljor - Mighty Oaks - Blood Red Shoes - Allah-Las

Saturday’s line-up:
The Hives - Refused - Kitty, Daisy & Lewis -Talisco - ABAY - BRNS - Birth of Joy - Syd Arthur - Suns of Thyme

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