published at 04.11.2014, 10:02

The S 1000 XR: an adventure sports bike point of start of a new era.

The Double R and the GS are legendary icons in their segments. BMW Motorrad has now developed the ultimate blend of both these worlds to present the S 1000 XR - the first ever BMW Motorrad adventure sports bike. It has the sporty look and performance of the S 1000 R, crossbred with the adventure DNA of the GS series.

The result is an adventure sports bike with an output of 160 bhp, a suspension capable of tackling any road and refined ergonomics for comfort on lengthier tours. And with the range of optional extras the S 1000 XR can be equipped to become a genuine all-rounder. For example: electronic suspension control via Dynamic ESA, HP Shift Assistant Pro for even more convenient clutch control and - available from BMW Motorrad for the first time – the Pro riding modes with highly dynamic set-ups as well as ABS Pro for increased safety.

All this makes the new S 1000 XR the pioneer in a new category of BMW motorcycle: dynamic, elegant and comfortable in equal parts – a genuine adventure sports bike. Why not take a look for yourself: To the S 1000 XR product page.