published at 16.04.2015, 09:53

A quick banter with Badovini…

Ayrton Badovini is back in World Superbike on a BMW. The talented Italian rider came to the attention of S 1000 RR fans worldwide five years ago as the dominant force in the Superstock 1000 FIM Cup. Nine consecutive race victories, eight pole positions and a first international two-wheeled race title secured for BMW Motorrad as early as the seventh of the 10-round series saw him promoted to the World Superbike class, where he spent two years with the BMW Motorrad Italia Team. Now, after two years away, Badovini is back on track astride the Italian team’s RR. The 28-year-old from Biella talks about his welcome return to BMW power…

How does it feel to be back on a BMW again?

It is absolutely fantastic! After a difficult period I could not hope for better.

How does this latest version feel compared to your Goldbet RR of 2012?

The bike is completely different, like a totally new motorcycle with a really great engine and chassis. Now it is up to me to get the right feeling for the bike in order to take advantage of its performance potential.

You won the first international championship for the RR back in 2010, with victory in the FIM Superstock Cup. Would a first WSBK victory top this?

Yes, a victory in WSBK would really be a great satisfaction for me or any professional rider. That said, I remember the FIM Superstock Cup championship victory with joy, because it was also the first ever title for the RR.

You've competed for various manufacturers, but what makes the BMW Motorrad family so special?

As you say it’s a family: we are very close as good friends are. They always give 100% of their capabilities and put the rider in a position where he can always give his best. It is really important to know that you count on them, both professionally and personally.

What makes WSBK so exciting to race in, from a rider's perspective?

From my perspective, the great thing about the WSBK championship is that it’s a real world championship, yet the atmosphere remains very friendly and easy going.

You already had two WSBK podiums and a pole position in the past, so what are your targets for 2015?

Of course I will do my best, race after race, trying to stay very close to the top five and hoping for a podium. This would be a great result for me and the team!

Why do you think Italians are so good at racing?

We really have a true passion for motorcycles and for motorsport in general, so we grow up thinking about races and hoping to become a professional rider. We also generally ride scooters and motorcycles from an early age, so maybe this is the reason.

What are your strengths?

This could be a question for the people who know me and not for me, but I think that my first strength is my professional attitude towards my job. I take it very seriously and I take care of every detail of my career.

How do you relax away from the racetrack?

I live in the Emilia Romagna region, half an hour from the beach, so I love going to the seaside where I enjoy fishing together with my friends on my boat, which I personally take care of.

Good luck for the rest of the season Ayrton.