published at 24.07.2015, 17:42

Everything’s all right with ‘Reiti’

Last November, at the BMW Pavillon in the heart of Munich, Markus Reiterberger was crowned the first ever BMW Motorrad Race Trophy Champion. This pioneering motorsport initiative is a kind of 'world championship' for BMW racers and sees participants from all the continents compete in this competition dedicated to the worldwide community of teams, riders and customers who put their faith in racing the BMW S 1000 RR and HP4 sports bikes.

As the only international competition with its own classification for privateer riders, the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy has expanded for 2015 with more championships included, extra prize money and a new award specifically for teams. At the time of writing, ‘Reiti’ has dropped to second in the standings but even he knows that this could change in an instant, especially with races taking place just about every weekend across the globe. While taking a break from his IDM duties to compete in the Suzuka 24 Hours race in Japan, he tells BMW Motorrad why entering the Race Trophy has been the best move he ever made…

How has winning the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy changed your life?

Winning the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy was a big moment for me last year. For sure the biggest change was the prize money I earned. Everybody now knows me as the first Trophy Winner and it´s a good feeling.

Has it helped increase your profile internationally?

Yes, now they know me, because everybody looks to the Trophy standings all the time and finds my name there and remembers me as the winner from 2014. I also met a lot of people at the Race Trophy Gala last year from all over the world. Before the Trophy, all the BMW riders in the world didn’t know each other but I think that’s changed now.

You’re fighting for the lead in the 2015 standings, but in this championship you can never relax at the top, right?

Yes, that’s right! This year the rules are a little bit different to 2014. The lead in the championship changes a lot, and you must always finish in the first positions in your races to stay in front at the Trophy. This is very exciting, because it´s like you’re riding in a second championship. You can never relax, but that’s normal if you want to win – it’s not allowed to relax!

As well as your IDM duties, you’ve also been increasing your Endurance World Championship experience. Is this a type of racing you enjoy, because it’s very different to short circuits?

My passion is still sprint races like IDM or WSBK, but I also enjoy the EWC, because it´s more like a team sport. Normally you always fight with other riders or team-mates, but in EWC you are three riders and there’s a lot more teamwork involved, as you help each other. You can ride a lot in very different conditions too over the course of a race – in rain, dry, hot, cold, day, night…etc. This is very good to improve yourself as a rider, so I like it!

Would you ever consider ‘real roads’ racing like the Isle of Man TT or North West 200?

Maybe one time I will go there to watch, but not to race. These are seriously fast riders who put everything on the line, but I can’t see myself doing it. I will stay at the normal racetrack for sure.

What does your current exercise training programme consist of?

I try to ride motorbikes as much as possible, because I think this is the best training you can do as a rider. I like motocross, enduro and speedway for example, but I also do jogging and stretching, and in the winter time I go to the gym.

And what about diet? Are you careful about what you eat and drink?

Yes, a little bit. I eat a lot of salad because I enjoy it a lot. Normally I eat and drink what I like, but for sure I take care of my bodyweight.

What would you like to be doing in five years time?

I want to be a professional rider with a good team in a good championship. The goal of every rider is MotoGP, and that’s the same for me. It´s my dream.

Do you have any advice for RR owners who want to try racing their bikes. Is it possible to go competitive racing on a stock bike without having to spend too much money?

The standard BMW RR is a race bike – it’s unbelievable – just take off the mirrors and go on the racetrack. I try the stock bike a lot, you can go fast with the bike just like it is and you can have a lot of fun!

Thanks Markus – and good luck for the rest of the season!