published at 19.02.2017, 21:10

Great things come in small packages

The BMW Motorrad custom scene knows no boundaries. Here’s an American-style Tracker created in Japan using a German-developed BMW G 310 R that was produced in India. It truly is a global world we live in…... [more ...]

published at 15.02.2017, 13:09

From Mud To Gold

Riders on the GS World Tour encounter a continent full of contrasts in Southeast Asia. Stunning landscapes, fascinating cultures and a challenging natural environment. The grand finale of the trip: a spiritual place in China – and a feeling of big accomplishment. ... [more ...]

published at 09.02.2017, 18:39

Hot off the press

A life between tradition and modernity: Nicolas Draeger has dedicated himself to the art of lithography and loves motorcycles. For the hundredth birthday of the BMW Group, he produced a reprint of a BMW poster motif and gave it to Fred Jakobs, head of the BMW archive in Munich.... [more ...]

published at 09.02.2017, 18:35

Green Glamour

In times of climate change, the film scene is mobilising itself in order to raise awareness for sustainability. At the Green Me Festival, impressive productions such as “Before the Flood” were distinguished and the mobility of the future was discussed.... [more ...]

published at 09.02.2017, 10:38

The GS Conqueror

The journey with the motorcycle is the means to an end. Because Spanish author Miquel Silvestre is working on a new book and somehow has to get his head free. What he experiences then is more surreal than any plot.... [more ...]