published at 01.08.2017, 16:00

Two wheels, two families.

What started out as a round-the-world ride has led to participation in the International GS Trophy, off-road instructor training and International Tour Guide status. Malaysian rider Faizal Sukree explains how being part of the BMW Motorrad family has quite literally opened up a whole world of opportunity.... [more ...]

published at 28.07.2017, 10:20

Built in Berlin.

Can a motorcycle manufacturer launch a race bike within 14 months? Absolutely. But combining the worlds of performance and production is no easy task. A race against the clock begins in the manufactory of the BMW Motorrad plant: 750 units of the HP4 RACE – built in Berlin. ... [more ...]

published at 25.07.2017, 16:42

Edgy Curves.

Adrenaline junkies with bright red lips: Berlin designers Cäthe Pfläging and Irene Kotnik have created a girls-only motorcycling club called The Curves. It celebrates the unadjusted and nonchalant lifestyle of the modern biker woman.... [more ...]

published at 08.07.2017, 19:56

Challenge the world champion.

The super moto world champion, Bernd Hiemer, is challenged by some of our visitors in our join-in contest. Throughout the weekend, up to 10 visitors compete against him daily and get to ride the new G 310 GS to proof their dexterity. ... [more ...]

published at 08.07.2017, 19:54

Cool custom bikes.

It belongs to the BMW Motorrad Days, just like the Hausberg belongs to Garmisch-Partenkirchen: the custom ride-out. Dozens of beautiful, hand-modified customs were united for the round trip in the panorama of the alps to proof that there is more about them than their design. ... [more ...]