published at 08.11.2016, 11:00

BMW Motorrad presents ConnectedRide concept.

The next step in networked motorcycling for greater safety and comfort.

Our professional and personal lives are now shaped by a highly digitalised and networked world, and the automotive industry has already developed numerous innovations in response to this trend. For example, BMW Automobile already offers tailored digital services such as the BMW Connected App, a personalised digital mobility tool that assists the driver with tasks such as scheduling and trip planning.
When BMW ConnectedRide was unveiled in 2009, BMW Motorrad demonstrated the array of possibilities that driver assistance systems based on vehicle-to-vehicle communication can offer through intelligent networking.
BMW Motorrad presents ConnectedRide with a new smartphone integration solution as the next step in networked motorcycling.
At EICMA, BMW Motorrad is now showcasing another milestone in networked motorcycling: a TFT instrument cluster with smartphone connectivity that can be used with BMW Motorrad's standard models in the near future. BMW Motorrad and Robert Bosch GmbH are partnering in the development of trendsetting display and networking technologies. As in other industries, there is an increasing demand for end-to-end networking in the motorcycle industry.
Stephan Schaller, Head of BMW Motorrad: "Connectivity and the availability of digital services are becoming an increasingly important topic in the motorcycle world. This is why we are expanding our range of products in this area and will offer services that dramatically enhance the motorcycling experience. New apps and functions using smartphone and back-end integration will open up many new possibilities in intelligent networking and make motorcycling not only more exciting and comfortable, but also safer."
Thanks to strong synergies with BMW Automobile, BMW Motorrad will be able to roll out new services much faster. For example, a range of digital technologies for cars, such as TFT displays, ECALL, WiFi, or V-2-x communication and back-end infrastructures, can be applied to motorcycle applications.
Thanks to innovations already implemented in BMW cars, future BMW motorcycles will feature more and more options for easy and intelligent networking with systems and devices (such as smartphones or navigation devices) and keeping these functions up to date.
TFT instrument cluster for networking between motorcycle, rider's helmet and smartphone unveiled at EICMA 2016.
At EICMA, BMW Motorrad is now showcasing an instrument cluster with a TFT display to demonstrate the possibilities of networking between the instrument cluster, rider's helmet and smartphone as integrated components of BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide.
Information related to the vehicle (speed, rpm, etc.) and smartphone-based functions such as navigation, phone calls and entertainment are displayed on a multifunctional instrument cluster optimised for motorcycles and can be operated safely and comfortably using a multi-controller. The BMW System 7 helmet, equipped with a microphone and loudspeakers, functions as a central receiver for audio signals such as navigation instructions, phone calls or music.