published at 27.02.2014, 19:30
Urban Mobility

Big city life in Tokyo

The air crackles, the asphalt is still hot, and you can feel the excitement in the vibrant atmosphere of a strange and unbelievably big city. We are in Tokyo – a metropolis casting an overwhelming idea of the future and the perfect place for a fashion shoot with the BMW C evolution.

It is the middle of the night but there is not even the slightest thought of sleep. The jetlag lies like a shadow over the hotel room and prevents any respite from the endless, circling thoughts. This situation might be familiar to many of you whose work requires long-haul travel, across time-zones, to far-flung destinations all over the world.

Having decided to leave the safe, easy comfort of the hotel, outside the inscrutable urban jungle awaits. Sometimes loud and drawn by colourful neon lights, other times painted by a melancholic blanket of smog, the mega-city is always marked by ever-changing influences.

Inspiration can be found everywhere. It is an art to keep moving forward as an individual in the hustle and bustle of any metropolis, whether it be Tokyo, New York, Rome or Berlin. But mobility is everything, so why not take a promising liaison with a soul mate and avoid all the obstacles, with a zero-emission, stress-free mode of locomotion?

The BMW C evolution e-scooter is the tool that silently and sophisticatedly transports our elegant models to their destination. Along the way, did they take the fastest route from A to B? Or perhaps they used the high power and long range to explore the sights of the city, enjoying the gentle airflow, the comfort and the rapid acceleration to speed through the night? This is left to the reader’s imagination.

The facts in focus: more than 50 per cent of the world's population now lives in cities. This figure continues to rise year on year, putting everyday life in the metropolis to the test and raising many questions: how do we want to live now and in the future? What changes are we supposed to deal with? What will be most important to us in the future? What will be our biggest challenges of tomorrow? What will happen with our mobility requirements?

Again and again, future-oriented thoughts arise. Innovative, technologically smart solutions will be needed, but these should not come at the expense of beauty, sophistication and style. These qualities are what define us and their importance should not be lost in the drive for a more sustainable world.

So, it is quite conceivable that businesswomen dressed in pencil skirts, stockings and Wolford blouses could be cruising through our cities and arriving efficiently, by e-scooter, to their board meetings. E-mobility and fashion find a common denominator in the comfort factor: quality materials, strong colours and stylish cuts echo clever ergonomics, a fresh, vibrant finish and the clear design of the BMW maxi-scooter.

Enjoy a sparkling vision that is about style, quality and desire. Mobility is arguably the biggest indicator of freedom and therefore well worth investing in.

Photography Markus Hofmann,
Production Karolina Berdycka,
Styling Kinga Horvath,
Hair & Make up Aysu Brunner c/o lesARTISTS
Model Gwen Lu c/o VIVA Models
Model Victor Cear / Donna Models
Text Anne Berwanger
BMW Motorrad Airflow / cevolution

Credits: BMW Motorrad, Wolford, CK Calvin Klein über ROLAND Schuhe (Powerkeks Krosskommunikation), selve, Roeckl, FALKE, BURLINGTON, ANTONY MORATO, Escada, Karl Lagerfeld, Lagerfeld, Daks, Ursula Mascaró