published at 04.04.2014, 15:23
Urban Mobility

C evolution in the picture

BMW Motorrad meets BoConcept at home

There was a time when the idea of photographing a motorcycle or scooter inside an apartment building would have been unthinkable, unless it was a valuable and rare collector’s item, kept as a museum piece to look at rather than ride. But when great design comes as standard with the BMW C evolution, style-conscious owners are unlikely to keep their new zero-emissions e-scooter hidden out of sight.

Perhaps it’s the fresh, clean lines, innovative colour scheme and modern styling which puts the BMW C evolution right at home in this Munich apartment, decked out with furnishings from Danish retailer BoConcept. While this fully electric-powered two-wheeler is designed for the sole purpose of sustainable urban mobility, there’s no denying that it looks good from every angle, like a true objet d’art.

But this is no project vehicle, designed only to offer a possible vision of our future mobility needs – it is in fact a fully-rideable series production e-scooter, on sale soon. The order book is crammed and when the first BMW C evolution customer models came off the Berlin factory assembly line during the official Start of Production in early April, it heralded a new era in sustainable urban mobility for the BMW Group.

The photographer for this shoot was Susanne Schramke, who was particularly interested in pairing up products from BMW Motorrad and BoConcept, as the two brands both put a lot of focus on the aspect of usable design in everyday life.

“Modern lifestyles for city-dwellers mean that the world of urban mobility is intrinsically linked with fashion, architecture and food, so I wanted to integrate the C evolution in a stylish building and present this new e-scooter as an everyday art object, alongside premium furniture from BoConcept,” she says. “Our campaign model Alena is wearing a range of fashion clothing that complements the environment around her and coordinates with the design perfection of the C evolution. Even the props – such as the crafted delicacies from master confectioner Maelu – have been carefully chosen to enhance these art-oriented images.”

Increased urbanisation is here to stay and as millions head into city centres across the globe to live, work and play, our residential and office buildings are adapting to cater for the needs of those choosing sustainable single-track mobility solutions such as the BMW C evolution. With no engine noise and pollution to worry about, where you choose to plug-in your BMW C evolution, is entirely up to you…