published at 17.04.2014, 15:06
Urban Mobility

Let’s get social!

Exclusive BMW C evolution test-ride opportunity coming to a city near you

Now that production of the C evolution has officially started, it won’t be long before the innovative e-scooter arrives in BMW Motorrad dealers. But for those who can’t wait that long, there is an exclusive opportunity to experience zero-emissions urban mobility – and much more – in five of Europe’s coolest cities. So, are you ready to ride the revolution…?

If you live or work in a busy metropolis and understand the issues that BMW Motorrad is trying to address with its pioneering C evolution, then you could be exactly the kind of person we’re looking for to take part in our Social Test Ride event.

Five cities and five riders in each city

This fun test-ride experience is coming to some major cities during May and June and will offer just five lucky riders the chance to take to the streets of Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Milan and Munich on the all-electric maxi-scooter from BMW Motorrad. We really believe that a desirable and premium product like the C evolution has the potential to change the world – one kilometre at a time, but trust us, those kilometres soon add up…

But we also want to know what you think about our future on two wheels, which is why we’ll be asking lots of questions and filming you (and four other lucky riders in each city) as you take in the sights and sounds of the urban jungle. We’re very interested to hear your views on how this high-tech, sustainable transport solution could help change the way you move about the city.

Of course, as you take in the sights downtown it’s not only about the journey. On these rides there will be plenty of exciting destinations to discover and document, taking in the arts, culture, fine dining, entertainment, and much more. For these reasons, we expect you to be social media savvy and be able to share your stories, photos and film clips among your own friends, interest groups and communities, via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

So, whether it’s Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Milan or Munich, don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of the silent e-revolution. See your national BMW Motorrad websites for details of how to apply and check out the web special right here for more information.