published at 16.05.2014, 10:05
Urban Mobility

Shop till you drop, but no need to stop

An impressive range, combined with excellent stowage capacity means that BMW Motorrad’s C evolution e-scooter is the perfect tool for girls and guys about town who like to partake in a little ‘retail therapy’ most weekends. BMW Motorrad hitched a ride into downtown Berlin on the revolutionary new e-scooter.

There’s no doubt that the BMW C evolution will soon become a familiar sight in our towns and cities. You won’t hear it ‘buzzing’ around like its petrol-engined rivals of course, which also means that you won’t see it at gas stations – ever. But look hard enough and you’ll notice that stylishly familiar white, green and black silhouette gliding through the traffic with ease.

Like many young Berliners, it’s the high-quality urban lifestyle that appeals to Sven and Celyn, with shopping, leisure and entertainment all within easy reach of city dwellers. Germany’s capital is a big place though – with over 3.5 million people vying for space in this historically important place of culture, with its diverse architecture, numerous parks and gardens, and distinctive cityscape.

As a motorcycle rider, Sven was keen to experience the C evolution and ‘ride the revolution’ that he has heard so much about in recent months. With plenty of room for two on board, Celyn hopped on the back and the young couple headed to a Wolford Boutique in the city centre, where the international fashion brand sells high-quality luxury outerwear, lingerie and accessories exquisitely crafted for women.

Shopping bags full, it was time to stow the goods safely under the seat in the cavernous storage compartment and hop back in the saddle for a relaxing ride to the BMW factory in the city’s Spandau district, where a new ‘eLOUNGE’ facility can be found. Getting through the traffic is no problem at all with the C evolution’s narrow profile, rapid acceleration and low centre of gravity that makes changing lanes a simple, yet safe procedure – even with a pillion passenger on board.

Parking a two-wheeler is of course no problem at the BMW Motorrad Plant, where more than 115,000 motorcycles and maxi-scooters were assembled last year. The C evolution has its own dedicated production line there, where specialists assemble this high-powered 35 kW e-scooter that can achieve an electronically-limited top speed of 120 km/h (75 mph) and accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in a shade over six seconds – with zero emissions of course.

The new eLOUNGE facility is located right inside the production plant, and is open to the public. The relaxed surroundings offer a comfortable setting for a comprehensive overview of electromobility, with a multi-lingual experience of the C evolution’s unique technology. There are numerous displays, including explanations of how the e-scooter regenerates energy via motion and heat; a description of the synergy with BMW’s PROJECT i; the C evolution’s journey from concept to serial production; a history of the evolution of electromobility at BMW; interactive city route maps; and much more.

After a guided tour of the eLOUNGE – and with plenty of ‘juice’ left in the C evolution’s high-voltage battery cells, our couple decide to head back into the city centre to the historic Gendarmenmarkt – a well known square where the Concert House and the French and German Cathedrals can be found. Many will know the Gendarmenmarkt because it hosts one of Berlin's most popular Christmas markets, but it is also the location of one of Berlin’s best gourmet cafés – the Shan Rahimkhan Kaffee – which offers a delicious selection of tarts and cakes, and one of the best views of the city.

Suitably refreshed, it’s time to move on to the next zero-emissions adventure. To experience your own version of sustainable urban travel, why not test ride the new BMW C evolution at your local BMW Motorrad dealer.

Credits: BMW Motorrad, Wolford, Belstaff, selve, Roeckl, FALKE, BURLINGTON, LEROCK, ANTONY MORATO, DONNAPIÚ