published at 17.04.2014, 16:20
Urban Mobility

Buzzing around Berlin on battery power

There are few better cities to discover on two wheels than Berlin. With its mix of neighbourhoods, architecture and people, it's a place of constant change. This large metropolis, with 3.5 million people living and working together, is also the home of BMW and the place where the new C evolution electric scooter is being built. We borrow one and join model Ioannis-Stavros Gkolemas, known to... [more ...]

published at 17.04.2014, 15:06
Urban Mobility

Let’s get social!

Now that production of the C evolution has officially started, it won’t be long before the innovative e-scooter arrives in BMW Motorrad dealers. But for those who can’t wait that long, there is an exclusive opportunity to experience zero-emissions urban mobility – and much more – in five of Europe’s coolest cities. So, are you ready to ride the revolution…?... [more ...]

published at 04.04.2014, 15:28
Urban Mobility

C evolution ushers in a new era of e-power for BMW Motorrad on 4/4/14

History was made on Friday 4 April 2014 at the BMW Motorrad plant in Berlin-Spandau, as the first C evolution serial production e-scooters rolled off the assembly lines, with customers across Europe now looking forward to ‘ride the revolution’.... [more ...]

published at 04.04.2014, 15:25
Urban Mobility

Ride the revolution

As the first customer all-electric e-scooters roll off the factory assembly lines in Berlin, we bring you an exclusive interview with BMW C evolution Product and Launch Manager Dorit Mangold, who has been ‘plugged-in’ to this exciting project from conception to delivery... [more ...]

published at 04.04.2014, 15:23
Urban Mobility

C evolution in the picture

There was a time when the idea of photographing a motorcycle or scooter inside an apartment building would have been unthinkable, unless it was a valuable and rare collector’s item, kept as a museum piece to look at rather than ride. But when great design comes as standard with the BMW C evolution, style-conscious owners are unlikely to keep their new zero-emissions e-scooter hidden out of... [more ...]