published at 27.02.2014, 19:30
Urban Mobility

Big city life in Tokyo

The air crackles, the asphalt is still hot, and you can feel the excitement in the vibrant atmosphere of a strange and unbelievably big city. We are in Tokyo – a metropolis casting an overwhelming idea of the future and the perfect place for a fashion shoot with the BMW C evolution.... [more ...]

published at 24.01.2014, 09:53
Urban Mobility

Looking good for 2014 – Ride and Style

BMW Motorrad riders and fans have much to look forward to in 2014. In addition to new motorcycles and maxi-scooters, there is also a comprehensive collection of stylish rider clothing and equipment, designed to ensure you look good, both on and off your bike. ... [more ...]

published at 10.01.2014, 08:39
Urban Mobility

C the evolution of electric mobility at BMW

Increased urbanisation continues apace as millions of us head to cities worldwide in search of work and a better life. By 2030, over 60 per cent of the world’s population will live in cities, making efficient, environmentally-friendly transport options ever more important. Electric-powered vehicles will become a big part of the solution, so it's reassuring to know that BMW has a track record of... [more ...]

published at 13.12.2013, 08:40
Urban Mobility

BMW C evolution impresses in final field trials

With the serial production of the BMW C evolution imminent, 'field trials' have been taking place in the Italian city of Rome. This is the final stage in the innovative e-scooter's journey from early concept to finished product, which is expected to go on sale to the public in May 2014. What better place for field trials than an overcrowded city where driving is hazardous and parking is near... [more ...]

published at 22.11.2013, 08:44
Urban Mobility

Visionary authority version of the C evolution launched at Milipol 2013

BMW Motorrad is the most experienced manufacturer of police motorcycles in the world, with its ‘authority’ machines on duty in more than 150 countries. The Milipol exhibition in Paris is the most important show in this field and BMW Motorrad representatives are in the French capital from 19 to 22 November to exhibit a range of motorcycles and rider equipment especially developed for authority... [more ...]