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HP Race Cover Kit

S 1000 RR, HP 4

Product description

  • Covers to take the place of the mirrors, flashing turn indicators and number-plate carrier.
  • For professional attachment of the front fairing and for covering the openings in the trim panels.
  • Material: Black plastic (polyamide PA6), impact-proof, paintable.
  • For use on racing circuits only (not homologated for use on public roads).


  • Scope of supply:
    • 2 covers to take the place of the mirrors, bearing stamped "RR" logo.
    • 2 covers to take the place of the front flashing turn indicators.
    • 1 cover for the underside of the tail.
    • 1 blue cloth bag with white "HP High Performance Parts" logo for stowing the covers.
  • Attachment by means of screws.
    • All the standard fasteners can be reused (with the exception of the screws for securing the mirror cover).
    • All fasteners for the HP Race Power Kit are also listed in the electronic parts catalogue, so that they can be ordered in addition, if requested by the customer.
  • A set of blanking caps is available for the wiring harness as an option (set consisting of 1 blanking receptacle, 4-pin; 2 jack housings, 2-pin, and 4 rubber grommets). These items can be used to seal off the free ends of the wires for the flashing turn indicators and the number-plate carrier to keep the ends clean.

Recommended in combination with:

  • HP Race Power Kit
  • HP Race Calibration Kit
  • HP Race gearshift-pattern reverser
  • HP Race Engine Kit


  • High Performance stickers for visual enhancement:
    • 2 colour schemes: Transparent with blue "HP High Performance Parts" logo and black with white lettering.
    • For application for example high on the left and/or right side of the rear side panel.
    • Sizes (WxH): 160x35 mm.

Order information

Designation: HP Race Cover Kit
Part number: 77 31 8 520 178

Designation: (+)Raised-head screw for mirror cover (order 2 of)
Part number: 46 62 7 652 556

Optional accessories for HP Race Cover Kit:

Designation: Raised-head screw for turn-indicator cover (order 2 of)(1)
Part number: 46 62 7 652 556

Designation: Raised-head screw for cover for underside of tail (order 3 of)(1)
Part number: 46 54 7 699 778

Designation: Grommet for cover for underside of tail (order 3 of)(1)
Part number: 62 21 7 670 749

Designation: Set of blanking caps for wiring harness(2)
Part number: 77 53 8 526 536

Designation: BMW badge, 45 mm
Part number: 31 42 7 708 518

(+) Essential for initial operation
(1) Alternatively, the standard fasteners can be re-used.
(2) Price not finalised at this time.