Windscreen tinted / high / high, tinted

S 1000 RR, HP 4

Product description

  • The range of accessories for the S 1000 RR includes 3 different windscreens: the tinted wind-screen, the high windscreen and the high, tinted windscreen.
  • Material: Polycarbonate.
  • Like the standard windscreen, all 3 optional versions have aerodynamically optimised slits to minimise upper-body and helmet buffeting at very high speeds (patented by BMW): 4 slits (2 on each side, one at the top and one at the bottom).

Windscreen, tinted

  • Shape identical to standard windshield.
  • Degree of tinting matched to motorcycle colour scheme.

High, clear windscreen

  • Approximately 30 mm higher than standard windscreen.
  • Bubble shape derived from the racing world:
    • The bubble in the middle reduces airstream pressure on the helmet. The reduction in drag means a corresponding increase in the top speed achievable by the motorcycle.
    • Bubble is more prominent than is the case with the standard windscreen.
  • Much better protection against the air stream when the rider is "tucked in" behind the screen.

High, tinted windscreen

  • Same material, same shape as the high, clear windscreen.
  • Degree of tinting matched to motorcycle colour scheme.

Order information

Designation: Windscreen, tinted(1)
Part number: 77 33 7 728 008

Designation: High, clear windscreen
Part number: 77 33 7 719 810

Designation: High, tinted windscreen(1)
Part number: 77 33 7 719 839