Brake Pads

HP Race brake pads

S 1000 RR (ECE / USA)

Product description

  • Dual Carbon brake pads for front axle.
  • Optimised braking power.
  • Enhanced thermal stability for race use.
  • Improved braking control: soft response, progressive.
  • Increased pressure-point stability.
  • Less wear (similar to standard brake pads).
  • Suitable for standard front brake caliper.
  • Scope of supply (1 set for 1 brake caliper)¹: 4 brake pads including note on installation.
  • Pad thickness: 8.0 mm.
  • For use on racing circuits only (not homologated for use on public roads).
  • ¹ 2 sets are needed for each vehicle.


  • For race-circuit riding, BMW Motorrad recommends the use of HP Race brake pads, which are specially optimised for this extremely sporty usage.
  • Of necessity, standard brake pads are designed to evince the best possible properties across all possible conditions, for example even in the wet and when cold. Consequently, the design has to be a trade-off, because only in this way can standard brake pads retain their efficiency under all circumstances. HP Race brake pads are optimised specially for race-circuit use and develop significantly better properties under severe thermal loading.
  • Improved vibration behaviour:
    • HP Race brake pads can deposit a very uniform blackish, dark-blue layer on the brake disc (a thin coating of material removed from the brake pads by friction). This layer can considerably reduce or in ideal circumstances completely prevent vibration when the brakes are applied.
  • Compliance with the instructions below will help distribute the material as uniformly as possible on the brake disc:
    • A brake disc should not be used with different types of brake pad. If possible, always use a set of brake discs in combination with the same brake-pad material.
    • When using HP Race brake pads for the first time and when the brake discs are new, comply as closely as possible with the instructions below to bed in the brakes.
  • Instructions for bedding in brakes correctly (manufacturer's recommendation):
    • Gently apply the brakes a number of times until the pads make full surface contact with the face of the brake disc.
    • When contact between disc and pads has been established in this way, repeatedly brake with short brake applications so that heat can build up gradually in the discs and the brake pads until the brake disc is coated with a thin blackish, dark-blue layer of material deposited by the brake pads.
    • Allow the brake discs and brake pads to cool.
    • There should now be a uniform blackish, dark-blue layer on the brake disc. The brakes can now be applied for full stopping power.
    • Do not clean the brake disc.

Recommended in combination with:

  • HP Race handbrake lever with remote adjustment (and HP Race clutch lever)
  • HP Race brake bleed valves


  • For use on racing circuits only (not homologated for use on public roads).

Order information

Designation: HP Race Brake pads¹
Part number: 77 23 8 535 423

¹ Set for 1 brake caliper; order 2 of per motorcycle