Footrests / Shifter

HP Race gearshift-pattern reverser

S 1000 RR, HP 4

Product description

  • Replacement of the existing shift lever to reverse the shift pattern.
  • Enables ultra-fast upshifts, even when the motorcycle is heeled over sharply in left-hand bends.
  • For use on racing circuits only (not homologated for use on public roads).


  • Reversal of the shift pattern: Up to engage first gear; the rider then upshifts by pressing down the gearshift lever.
  • The HP Race shift-pattern reverser makes for shorter acceleration times by making upshifts all the faster even when the motorcycle is heeled over to the maximum angle of lean in left-hand bends (the rider does not have to get the left foot underneath the shift lever).
  • Scope of supply: Shift lever for shift-pattern reverser, pivot mount, selector rod for modification of the shift assistant, fasteners, installation instructions.
  • Can be installed by customer.
  • Note: Installation entails cutting into the left half of the engine spoiler, the requisite fasteners are included.

Additional information

  • Compliant with the rulebook, because the original pinion cover can subsequently be reused.
  • Use in combination with the optional HP shift assistant is possible.
    • The latter enables very fast upshifts without any interruption in tractive power.
    • Without closure of the throttle and without the clutch being disengaged, ignition and fuel supply are interrupted for a fraction of a second to permit the upshift. This means that valuable fractions of a second can be gained as the motorcycle accelerates.
    • Available as an optional extra or retrofittable as an accessory.
  • Can be used in combination with the standard footrest system and the HP footrest system available as an accessory.

Recommended in combination with:

  • HP shift assistant (combination of shift assistant and shift-pattern reverser only with the new shift assistant, part number 77 25 8 528 774).
  • HP footrest system.
  • HP Race Power Kit.
  • HP Race Cover Kit.
  • HP Race Calibration Kit.


  • For use on racing circuits only (not homologated for use on public roads).


  • High Performance stickers for visual enhancement:
    • 2 colour schemes: Transparent with blue "HP High Performance Parts" logo and black with white lettering.
    • For application for example high on the left or right side of the rear side panel.
    • Sizes (WxH): 160x35 mm.

Order information

Designation: HP Race gearshift-pattern reverser
Part number: 77 25 8 522 320