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Handle bars

HP brake lever / HP clutch lever, hinged

S 1000 RR, HP 4

Product description

  • High-quality CNC-milled aluminium brake lever and clutch lever as replacement for original handlebar levers.
  • Compatible with S 1000 RR and HP 4 (standard for HP 4 Competition).
  • Material: High-strength aluminium alloy, anodised titanium-coloured.
    • The anodising process forms a protective coating that effectively resists corrosion.
  • A hinge mechanism built into the handlebar lever reduces the danger of the lever bending or breaking if the motorcycle is dropped (the levers pivot up and can be returned to original position).
  • The span between handlebar grip and handlebar lever can be set to suit the rider by turning an adjusting screw (different spans to suit small or large hands).
  • Scope of supply: Brake lever or clutch lever including mounting material and installation instructions.
  • The handlebar lever was developed on a motorcycle-specific basis, so installation is simple and straightforward (can be installed by customer).
  • Logo: BMW Motorrad logotype on leading edge of lever.

Order information

Designation: HP clutch lever, hinged
Part number: 77 25 7 727 755

Designation: (+) Clutch switch arm
Part number: 77 22 8 521 146

Designation: HP brake lever, hinged
Part number: 77 25 7 727 756