Swing arm / rear wheel support

HP Race chain tensioner

S 1000 RR, HP4

Product description

  • Functional chain tensioner, attractive appearance
  • High-precision adjustment of chain tension and rear-wheel alignment
  • Homologated for use on public roads


  • The chain is adjusted to optimum tension by means of a special screw for easing the rear-wheel axle forward or back
  • Precision scale sticker on the swinging arm for accuracy in reading the setting:
    • Settings easily checked on both sides
    • Precision rear-wheel alignment (wheel is perfectly straight)
  • Procedure for installing the rear wheel is easier because the HP Race chain tensioner (by contrast with the standard chain tensioner) remains firmly attached to the swinging arm by means of the threaded rod.
  • Optimises adjustment of chain tension and rear-wheel alignment:
    • for day-to-day riding,
    • when a replacement chain has to be fitted,
    • when the pinion is replaced,
    • if the transmission ratio has to be changed and
    • if the swinging arm length is altered
  • Axle is held in place against the forces of tension and compression
  • Including auxiliary-stand mount for rear swinging arm:
    • Enables use of the Sport auxiliary stand, see "Cross selling"
  • Material: High-strength aluminium (al7075), produced by high-precision CNC machining, with highly resistant hard-anodised black finish
  • No difference in weight vis-à-vis standard chain tensioner
  • Logo: HP Race parts logotype and Gilles logo
  • Scope of supply:
    • Chain tensioner, left and right
    • Auxiliary-stand mount, left and right
    • Adjusting tool
    • Installation instructions (can be installed by customer)
    • Note: Original axle nut is re-used.
  • Homologated for use on public roads

Recommended in combination with:

  • Sport auxiliary stand II (Part Nos. 8 551 859 (front), 8 551 854 (rear)):
    • The speedy and safe way of lifting the front or rear wheel off the ground, for example for a tyre change or for repair and maintenance work
    • Safe and steady on its base
    • Ideal for use of pre-race tyre-warmer blankets (Part Nos. 77 02 8 543 059)
    • No more than slight pressure has to be applied to the stand in order to lift the wheel
    • Note on scope of ordering for the rear Sportauxiliary stand: As a general rule (except when the HP Race chain tensioner is used), it is also necessary to order the appropriate swinging-arm adapters (part No. 77 02 7 724 363, 77 02 7 724 364 or 77 02 7 724 365) in addition to the rear auxiliary stand. When the HP Race chain tensioner is used, these swinging-arm adapters are not necessary. Instead, use the auxiliary-stand mounts included in the scope of supply of the chain tensioner.
  • Extensive range of HP Race parts.

Order information

Designation: HP Race chain tensioner
Part number: 77 10 8 546 078