HP Race Datalogger

S 1000 RR, HP 4 (ECE/USA)

Product description

  • Enables ride data to be saved and analysed for improving lap times.
  • For use on racing circuits only (not homologated for use on public roads).


  • Permanent storage of lap and race data in the Datalogger:
    • Logging covers up to 32 data channels, including speed, engine rpm, throttle twistgrip position, brake status front/rear, gear, motorcycle's longitudinal and lateral acceleration, angle of lean, coolant temperature, GPS position.
    • 4 logging modes (RACE, TRACK, EVENT, ENDURANCE) with different sampling rates.
  • Data from the Datalogger can be transferred to USB stick.
  • Log-data import from USB stick for analysis on PC.
  • Including software for analysing log data:
    • Predefined settings and templates (choice of views, circuit plots, XY diagrams, minimum/maximum tables and statistical analyses of the motorcycle data).
    • User-specific analyses can be generated.
    • Detailed, BMW-specific help file (Analyzer): Definition of the data channels and overview of the templates and settings, see attachment.
    • Program software in 5 languages (German, English (GB), French, Spanish, Italian).
    • Regular software updates (see Downloads).
    • Use of the software only with the corresponding BMW Motorrad HP Race Datalogger.
  • LED indicator to show various Datalogger states (including standby, GPS availability, data memory full).
  • Scope of supply:
    • Datalogger including mounting material.
    • Software CD.
    • USB stick.
    • Installation instructions and user guide in 9 languages (German, English (GB + US), French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Japanese).
    • Transport pouch.
  • Can be installed by customer. Enabling in the vehicle's control unit is not necessary.
    • Attachment of the Datalogger to the tail of the motorcycle by means of Velcro.
    • Datalogger plug connects to the motorcycle's wiring-harness plug.
    • Installation of the software on a PC (the computer used for this purpose must meet the following system requirements: operating system MS Windows XP / Vista / MS Windows 7, min. 1 GB RAM, 100 MB free space on hard disc, min. screen resolution. 1024 x 768 pixels, USB 2.0 interface.)

Technical data

  • Datalogger with 32 MB memory:
    • Maximum 32 CAN channels
    • 10 GPS channels.
    • Several computing channels.
  • Lap times by GPS start/finish line.
  • Power supply off on-board system.
  • Maximum sampling rate 100 Hz/channel.
  • Compact, lightweight housing.

Recommended in combination with:

  • HP Race Power Kit
  • HP Race Calibration Kit
  • HP Race gearshift-pattern reverser
  • HP Race Cover Kit
  • HP Race footrest plate
  • HP Race Engine Kit


  • For use on racing circuits only (not homologated for use on public roads).

Order information

Designation: HP Race Datalogger
Part number: 77 53 8 526 204